June 17, 2012

Hello family,
Happy fathers day dad I hope you are enjoying life as a dad.
This week everyone was sick. I was probably the healthest one out of us four. But it meant that we didnt get a ton of work done and we really had to rethink our gameplan. We need to build up our investigator pool really bad because it just is not where we want it to be. But the investigators that we do have are so good. Sister bo is doing so good, we might move her baptismal date up because she has learned everything already. We want to get her pumped for the temple. Speaking of the temple, I really miss it. I went from going every week to not being able to go for 2 years. Anyways, she is so awesome. This week we taught sister ahh about the plan of salvation and she is starting to understand the real reason that we are teaching her about baptism and faith a repentence. ecause faith repentence baptism the holy ghost and enduring to the end are good things but what is the reason that we do it? ts is so cool to teach this to budhist people because all they talk about is doing good in this life. if you sin all you have to do is do good and you are good. and then you die and you come back as something good if you were good and bad if you were bad. That is the purpose of there lives. Then you tell then to do all this stuff and they just think its another way to be good. But how wrong they are! there is a purpose in this life and its something so wonderful and makes so much sense. Just remember the real reason that we are here on earth.
This week was a good week with a lot of huge ups a downs. Its crazy how that works. The lord will lift you up until you feel ready to face the next challenge and then cut you back down so you dont rely on your own strengths. This has happened again and again over the course of these 5 or so months but this week was the most clear. It started on tuesday when I went on a split with Elder Richardson because my comp was sick. We talk alot of lessons together and a bunch in english class as well. I then taught by myself with another member and it went really well. Afterwards I felt really good and confident in my abilities to atleast teach with a member. Now skip to saturday where we decided to help the ward clean the church which was way fun and I got to climb all up on stuff in order to clean it. But then as we were cleaning chairs I was talking with a member and I got a smack in the face. He told me about how my pronunciation is terribly off. It didnt feel to great. We then taught a couple lessons that night and again I got hounded by brother egg and my companion about how they are off. I went home feeling the worst that I have here in Thailand. I was on my knees for a long time trying to figure it out because there is no way I am going to learn anything with out help.
It was a tough week but I have hope that it will get better.
Love Elder Harley
P.S. No I cant see the stars here very often there is always clouds. I guess you could send an mp3 and a charger and some speakers but you would need to jam pack it with music cause its not very easy to get it on it here. or a cd player would work with some cds. doesnt matter to me. Thank you mom.
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