January 27, 2014


Dearest Family,

Sounds like it’s going well in America. It hit me this last week that I have spent a tenth of my life so far in Asia now. That’s a good portion. It’s like paying tithing only with time instead of money. My hope is that if I bust my butt the next few weeks, the Lord will help me out when I get back.

Right now I have no other desire but to help everyone that I possibly can while the day lasts. We are teaching more than I have my whole mission. We taught 30 lessons this last week. We almost doubled balanced key indicators. We were pumped! Elder Sukhan is on a role and he is teaching me a lot. He has the right desires so I hope I can turn him into an even more effective missionary as he goes on.

We were able to see another baptism this last week. It was a sister of a member. She is so quiet and sweet, but she has a solid testimony about Christ. Her parents support her and her brother all the way, but they still need some work before they will be ready to change. After this week, the mission has hit 156 baptisms in 1 month! Compare that to last year when be didn’t even break 40! It’s all the miracles happening and there are even more to come in this wonderful land of Thailand.

It’s a great time to be a missionary.

Elder Harley

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