September 2, 2013

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Dear Family,


I love you all so much. It’s so good to hear about all the great stuff happening at home. I have so much to be grateful for. Sometimes I overlook the blessings that the Lord gives me, but if I sit down and think about them, I can’t even count them all. So much happened this last week I hope that I can cram it into 1 letter.


We went on switch offs up in chiang ray way up in the most north of Thailand. It was the most beautiful ride I have ever been on. I was speechless as we went through the massive rain forests. It was like going up the canyon in Utah, but instead of pine trees, it was a huge rain forest, with towering trees and green everything. There were little patches where farmers lived, growing bananas, rice and other fruits. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was a good switch off and we pumped up the district up there to do miracles this next month. We as a zone have set a big number for baptisms, but we have complete faith that we can accomplish it. With all the miracles going on everywhere. So many good things happening every single day. Usually I don’t even realize them until they actually happen. It’s so fun being a zone leader because I not only get to see the miracles in my area, but throughout the zone as well. From baptismal daters coming up, to people just walking into the church ready to learn, it seems like it’s happening every single day.


We had a baptism yesterday and we had lots of investigators there. We felt the spirit so much throughout the whole service and we could tell the investigators could too. Including one who we met while we were interviewing an investigator from pitsanulog( over Skype because it’s so far). She just walked into the church wanting to learn more about the gospel. She said she came to church when she was a teenager. She was lead. She said she felt so good right after the baptism. The sisters will be teaching her from here.


Elder xiawong is so awesome. He teaches with so much power and authority. I desire to have the kind of power that he has when he teaches. I am learning so much from him. Yesterday we taught a couple about the restoration. What’s interesting is that last week we taught them the same information, but I noticed something different this week. Even though all the information was the exact same, we felt that we taught people this time around and not just lessons. The spirit was so much stronger as we testified, not just because we wanted to teach them, but because we wanted them to understand. The wife expressed a great desire to be baptized and we gave her a date for later this month.


This is such a wonderful area. The mountains definitely don’t compare to Utah height wise, but it’s more than I have seen here. It has snowed here only a few times on record. It’s cooler up here which is so nice. I was about to go insane with the heat in yasothorn. I am serving in a decent sized city. It’s not Bangkok, but it is a lot bigger than yasothorn or nongkhai. Last week we went up the mountain that is closest to us and went to a temple at the top. It was cool. We could see the whole valley. The Church is literally next door, so we are there most of the time. On Sundays we usually go to church at 8 in the morning at don’t leave until 7 or 8 at night. It’s so much fun being with the members and investigators all day. I love it up here and I hope to be here for a while.




Elder Harley


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One Response to September 2, 2013

  1. Wanda says:

    Dear Jackson,
    It is so awesome to see you grow as a missionary in such a wonderful place. You have brought the spirit to me as I read your letters. Your growth has been a testimony to me of how service blesses our lives. Thanks for sharing about the spirit touching people daily and how they are coming into the church. There is so much work to do and without you and the now thousands of missionaries serving, it would be impossible for this to happen. It is also great to see you working with Jesse Pyne. He is a great guy and I know is an excellent missionary! The countenance of Christ is truly on all of the missionaries in your area. Look forward to seeing more from you.

    Aunt Wanda

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