February 16, 2014



Dear Family,

I don’t have much to say this week. We are going to take our pday on Wednesday so I am not going to write a super long letter.

Yesterday was my last Sunday as a missionary in Thailand. There are quite a few things that I am going to miss from a Thai church meeting.

1. Crazy testimony meetings with yelling and weird dreams

2. The feeling of anticipation that I get when we wait and wait for our investigators and they don’t show up.

3. Running around trying to get people to their classes and making sure no one gets out the front door before second and third hour.

4. The birds that get into the church somehow.

5. Eating delicious but sometimes funky Thai food every Sunday

But the thing that I will miss the most is the sacrament prayer in the Thai language. I love this language and the culture that it has produced. I love the Thai members and their dedication to following God in a country that doesn’t know Him. I love the testimonies that come from these members as they have searched and searched and finally found. I love the hard times as well as the good times. I can’t remember the faces of those that didn’t accept our message, but I sure can remember the ones that did.


Elder Harley

PS see you in 5 days

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