June 10

Hello family,

I dont know why Im sending this because noone else wants to write me but I guess I will tell you about my week. I havent really felt to wonderful this week but dont worry I got better. It all started last monday and I had a soar throat. Then I powered my way through tuesday and talk english which was way fun this week its fun just to accept the fact that you cant understand them and they dont understand you and you just go from there and its so funny. Anyways after that I taught gospel lessons with a member and to my surprise, my voice was completely gone. I couldnt make a sound. so then the next day we went on exchanges and I had to lead my area…with out making noises come out of my mouth. I guess it wasnt that bad, but I could talk well at all. It was way funny because as we taught sister ahh, my voice kept going in and out and she kept laughing at how funny I sounded. Then she called like 5 times over the next few days to check up on me. Thai people are serious about sickness, I had like 3 members give me medicine and told me not to drink cold water.  Any ways then I went to bed early that night and I have gradually got better.
So this week was the bangkok stake conference and so we went to the adults session because my ward sang in it. It was pretty terrible, and I feel bad cause the bishop is super serious about his choir. Other than that it was way awesome to hear some of the speakers. The asia area quorum of the 70 gave a really awesome talk about how the book of mormon was translated and how just by mere facts the book of mormon is from god. He started out that it took about 2 years from start to finish but then he told us about all the things that occured during that time and said that Joseph was really only translating for about 1 month kwaa. And he said they just finished the book of mormon in this wierd malasian language and it took 3 years of intense translating. And he said that Even 25 years later, they are still trying to perfect the chinise book of mormon. So even just by facts, there is no way that Joseph Smith translated the book of mormon by himself.
Well this week me and my companion got to a stand still. All of our investigators are starting to fall of a cliff so we decided we need more of them. I think it was friday that we decided this so we were going to go and try to find one of our bapitsmal daters that hasnt answered their phone in a couple weeks and then we were going to invite around his home. So right before we were going to head over I tried to call him one more time and lo and behold he answered and said he was out of town and he would be back in a week or so. So after that I hung up and I immediately said,” Well I guess heavenly father doesnt want us to go there.” So we decided to go the a different area that we have been thinking about going to for the past few weeks. We met a couple people there and we met one lady who told us she had been looking for us cause she wants to go to english class. Will she take the baptism? I dont know, all I know is that the lord didnt want us to go somewhere and so he sent us somewhere else for his own purposes. I have been thinking alot about following the guidence of the spirit and its getting more apparent that I will not know the spirit is guiding me. But I will know if I am doing what I should be doing and as long as I do that, then it will work out.
oh I forgot to mention that on sunday we went to conference at this super Hi so hotel and I met the lady that translated the book of mormon from english to thai. She is way old.
I hope everyone has a wonderful crazy summer. Its wierd because I remember when my summers were like that, and I decided that it was better just to skate instead. Best decision I ever made.
Love Elder Harley
PS. Mom I really miss music if you havent sent the package yet it would be superb if you could get me a CD player or something and make a bunch of CDs with good music on it than I would be greatly appreciative. If you cant do that, than you know what I want for christmas.
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