February 9, 2014

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Dear Family,

I know that I have one more week here in Thailand, but this might be the last time that I send an email. I will share some of the experiences I have had this last week as well as some of the things that I have learned as I have been a missionary. I cant tell you it all because that would take 2 years, but I will tell you some of the great things that I have received as a missionary.

Actually the first one I want to share (Mom you will be proud of this one) is that I cut my companion and my Laos friend, Elder Gettawongs hair this last week. I feel so proud that I cut it. It looks so boss too.

The first is an experience we had on Saturday with a man named Kowit. We started off the week contacting a lot and we were getting rejected like crazy. It got to us sometimes, but we kept fighting. It was like that until Saturday when a former called us and said he believes this church is the true church. We met with him later that day and at first glance, he looked crazy. He was an old retired, never married man with blackened teeth from smoking so much. He knew English pretty well and talked super loud. We sat down with him and he started sharing his testimony. He shared how he knew that God was real and that he knows that this is the only path there is to salvation. Everything that came out of his mouth was inline with our doctrine. He desired nothing else but to be baptized in order to be saved. The spirit was there for sure. It was nice hearing someone who was seeking after God, after a week of rejection.

This last week we were blessed to have 2 baptisms! I want to tell about the miracles that happened that has lead these two towards God.

The first is brother Art. He has learned for 8 months, but went missing about 4 months ago, but showed up again 2 weeks ago. Before he met with missionaries he was a hard core Buddhist. He had Buddhist tattoos all over his back and he thought he would never believe in God. He changed his mind when he met with the missionaries and wants to change his life. He has changed a ton since the first day that we met him. I hope that he follows his great testimony.

The second person was sister nikki who I told you about last week. Her story is a miracle if I have ever seen one. It all started when I was in Chiangmai and we went to Chiangrai to do some training. We finished our training and headed to the bus station to go home, but our bus didnt leave for 2 hours. So we headed back to the church and when we got there, there was a girl named namkhaw there with some members. All the chiangrai elders had left. One of the members told us that namkhaw was really interested to know why there are so many sects of Christianity. So we sat down and taught the entire restoration. She said she wasn’t quite ready to change, but she wanted to study. We asked where she lives and she said she was going to school in bangkhen. We got here number and gave it to the bangkhen elders, but didnt really think about it after that. Then I got transferred to bangkhen and one day a thought popped into my mind to call namkhaw. The elders hadn’t contacted her. We met with her and taught her about 3 times until she brought a friend with her named nikki. Nikki was golden from the start. She said she had been searching for truth since she was a little kid. She had joined another christian church, but didn’t know which one was true. She said the moment she heard about Joseph Smith, she knew she had found what she was looking for. She accepted everything that came out of our mouths from that moment on. SIster namkhaw says she is not quite ready to be baptized, but I believe she will come around.

These are just a few of the great miracles I have seen as a missionary. I have made so many friends here in Thailand. I hope that the work that I have done as a missionary with stand and it will help this country to have a temple in the future. I believe God is in this work and he is preparing so many people to hear the truth. I realize that it’s not over but it’s just the start of what is going to happen in life. I am excited for all the great things to come.

Love (the now one and only),

Elder Harley

PS- can you tape the winter Olympics for me. I must see shawn white rip it up in the pipe.

PPS- Kayla is going to be destroyed on the court when I get home.

PPPS- Ashton Micah and I are going to rip up the snow covered mountains

PPPPS- Dont get trunky

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