May 20, 2013

Dear Family and Crystal and Kelly and Kayla,

It was good to see you last week and as I thought about it throughout the day, I realized that I am on my final stretch. This is where it goes down. its good to hear from you. Its also good to hear that Kayla is delusional in thinking she can beat me at basketball. Thats the funniest thing that has come out of that girls mouth.
This last week was wonderful. It was kind of a crazy week cause we had to get ourselves all down to bangkok on by saturday, and that is no small journey. But it was all worth is because Elder Anderson came to visit us and spoke to just us missionaries. He has a powerful testimony and lots of love. We also had a mini transfers and so we got a new elder here- elder sanguansak. He is from a place called buriram in southeast Thailand. He is nuts and We are all excited to have him. Nothing changed in my companionship. This last thursday we went over to a members house. In her trees she has giant army ant nests. So she taught us how to harvest the larva so we could make larva omlets. We all werent very good at it cause we got bites everywhere. It was so fun though and delicious. This week we have also been working with brother beer. We met him a few weeks ago and he had learned with the missionaries. He had a testimony but had a few problems, including the sabbath. This last week we taught about the sabbath day and committed him to talk to his boss. He works at tesco which is super hard to get work off. He prayed and talked to his boss and he just gave it to him, just like that. We are now working with him really hard to help him get baptized this next week. I dont know how it will turn out but the Lord with lead us and it will be all good. Everything is good in thailand. the rain wont stay out of our house but we will live with it.
I hope everyone is healthy and happy and humbles themselves(kayla) the blessings of heaven will then be showered upon you.
Elder Harley


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1 Response to May 20, 2013

  1. Steve Gentry says:

    Oh boy, Jackson’s in for a surprise when Kayla cleans his clock in bball.

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