May 6, 2013

Dear Family,

It is good to hear about your nice quiet pleasant sunday afternoons. Not going to lie a sunday nap would just feel wonderful. It sounds like everything is pretty normal there. School is almost out isnt it. It feels just like yesterday that I was in this very same spot last year. I should go back and look at my email. Its crazy how fast it goes. A past missionary who was a branch president in Nong khai before came over and told us over and over how much he would love to put his tag back on. It made me think about how much I miss just my old areas and wish I could go serve back there. I cant imagine what it will be like when I have to go home. A new fire was started and I had a desire to forget all the problems we have now and just go to work. I will strive to love this branch as I do my former branches.
This last week we caught a tugay or basically a huge gecko at the church the other day. They make really annoying loud mating calls and we figures there must be a little meat on it. So we did some gutting and had some fried gecko. There wasnt much on it.
Yesterday was actually district conference here as well in udorn. President senior talked about captain moroni and how we should place a title of liberty in all our homes as we face the daunting army of the advisary. Then he got one of his crazy ideas, took of his coat and rent it right in the front. It was good stuff. I got to meet alot of the members from laos. I can understand laos pretty well. Its pretty similar to thai. The branch president is such a humble man, with so much faith. We helped his son this last week who is a missionary cross the border to renew his visa. We are not allowed to cross the border the closest we can get is half way across friendship bridge and then it has a no crossing sign. I dont have to leave the country to renew visas. In the last year or so the church was able to get work visas because we teach english. those last a year so I just renewed it recently. We still teach english, but the normal once a week. I dont teach it everyday like before. Then I talked to the branch presidents wife after the meeting. That family has so much faith and the Lord is blessing that country. I have hope that laos will have the gospel. I dont know when, but it will. We hopped in a truck bed after the meeting with some members and came back to nong khai. the other elders had an investigator ready for baptism and they called on me to interview her. It was my first one so I went and prayed so hard that the spirit would lead me as a talked to this sweet lady. As soon as we started I could just feel her faith and her readiness. She wouldnt even let me finish the questions before she proudly pronounced that she knew it was true. She has so much faith. She failed her last interview about a month ago, but she was determined to keep fighting until the end. It was a sacred experience and I hope to have many more.
As far as our area, we are still seeking. We have been working alot with recent converts and less actives- trying so hard to help these new converts stay on the path towards true conversion. Its a task that doesnt get the glory, but its what the Lord would want for this area.
I am going to keep working even with this new challenge the Lord has given me. I havent figured out why Im in this area yet, but i have faith that the lord will let me know at some point.
Elder Harley
PS- for next week I will be on at about 8 here so I dont know what time it will be there. Same as last year. Oh my goodness that was last year.


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