February 16, 2014



Dear Family,

I don’t have much to say this week. We are going to take our pday on Wednesday so I am not going to write a super long letter.

Yesterday was my last Sunday as a missionary in Thailand. There are quite a few things that I am going to miss from a Thai church meeting.

1. Crazy testimony meetings with yelling and weird dreams

2. The feeling of anticipation that I get when we wait and wait for our investigators and they don’t show up.

3. Running around trying to get people to their classes and making sure no one gets out the front door before second and third hour.

4. The birds that get into the church somehow.

5. Eating delicious but sometimes funky Thai food every Sunday

But the thing that I will miss the most is the sacrament prayer in the Thai language. I love this language and the culture that it has produced. I love the Thai members and their dedication to following God in a country that doesn’t know Him. I love the testimonies that come from these members as they have searched and searched and finally found. I love the hard times as well as the good times. I can’t remember the faces of those that didn’t accept our message, but I sure can remember the ones that did.


Elder Harley

PS see you in 5 days

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February 9, 2014

DSC03459 DSC03439 DSC03455


Dear Family,

I know that I have one more week here in Thailand, but this might be the last time that I send an email. I will share some of the experiences I have had this last week as well as some of the things that I have learned as I have been a missionary. I cant tell you it all because that would take 2 years, but I will tell you some of the great things that I have received as a missionary.

Actually the first one I want to share (Mom you will be proud of this one) is that I cut my companion and my Laos friend, Elder Gettawongs hair this last week. I feel so proud that I cut it. It looks so boss too.

The first is an experience we had on Saturday with a man named Kowit. We started off the week contacting a lot and we were getting rejected like crazy. It got to us sometimes, but we kept fighting. It was like that until Saturday when a former called us and said he believes this church is the true church. We met with him later that day and at first glance, he looked crazy. He was an old retired, never married man with blackened teeth from smoking so much. He knew English pretty well and talked super loud. We sat down with him and he started sharing his testimony. He shared how he knew that God was real and that he knows that this is the only path there is to salvation. Everything that came out of his mouth was inline with our doctrine. He desired nothing else but to be baptized in order to be saved. The spirit was there for sure. It was nice hearing someone who was seeking after God, after a week of rejection.

This last week we were blessed to have 2 baptisms! I want to tell about the miracles that happened that has lead these two towards God.

The first is brother Art. He has learned for 8 months, but went missing about 4 months ago, but showed up again 2 weeks ago. Before he met with missionaries he was a hard core Buddhist. He had Buddhist tattoos all over his back and he thought he would never believe in God. He changed his mind when he met with the missionaries and wants to change his life. He has changed a ton since the first day that we met him. I hope that he follows his great testimony.

The second person was sister nikki who I told you about last week. Her story is a miracle if I have ever seen one. It all started when I was in Chiangmai and we went to Chiangrai to do some training. We finished our training and headed to the bus station to go home, but our bus didnt leave for 2 hours. So we headed back to the church and when we got there, there was a girl named namkhaw there with some members. All the chiangrai elders had left. One of the members told us that namkhaw was really interested to know why there are so many sects of Christianity. So we sat down and taught the entire restoration. She said she wasn’t quite ready to change, but she wanted to study. We asked where she lives and she said she was going to school in bangkhen. We got here number and gave it to the bangkhen elders, but didnt really think about it after that. Then I got transferred to bangkhen and one day a thought popped into my mind to call namkhaw. The elders hadn’t contacted her. We met with her and taught her about 3 times until she brought a friend with her named nikki. Nikki was golden from the start. She said she had been searching for truth since she was a little kid. She had joined another christian church, but didn’t know which one was true. She said the moment she heard about Joseph Smith, she knew she had found what she was looking for. She accepted everything that came out of our mouths from that moment on. SIster namkhaw says she is not quite ready to be baptized, but I believe she will come around.

These are just a few of the great miracles I have seen as a missionary. I have made so many friends here in Thailand. I hope that the work that I have done as a missionary with stand and it will help this country to have a temple in the future. I believe God is in this work and he is preparing so many people to hear the truth. I realize that it’s not over but it’s just the start of what is going to happen in life. I am excited for all the great things to come.

Love (the now one and only),

Elder Harley

PS- can you tape the winter Olympics for me. I must see shawn white rip it up in the pipe.

PPS- Kayla is going to be destroyed on the court when I get home.

PPPS- Ashton Micah and I are going to rip up the snow covered mountains

PPPPS- Dont get trunky

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February 3, 2014

Dear Family,

It was another fantastic week in Thailand. It wasn’t as good as last week, we only got balanced key indicators. We didn’t double this week. I don’t want to make excuses but I had a cold for a few days which slowed my down a little. I hope to be on top of my game this next week and make it happen. I am so happy for the opportunity to be a missionary and the miracles that I have seen. There are ups and some downs but its all part of a grander picture. I read in Mosiah 4 this morning about how little we are in Gods big plan. I feel more and more great full everyday as I walk past hundreds and thousands of people that we have the gospel. I wish I could tell everyone. I want to buy a microphone and a speaker set and announce it. I hope that we can find some of those that have lost there way and want to get back on the path.

We have been teaching a new investigator named brother art this last week. Actually he is not new, he learned for about 7 or 8 months before but then left and now he came back. At first he said he was still not ready for baptism, but as we talk him, he started to gain that desire. He doesn’t really know where it comes from, but WE do. He should get baptized this next week. Our other dater sister nicki is super solid. I will have to tell you the incredible story of how we found her, but that is for another day. She accepts every word that comes out of our mouths. Once she knew what we said was true, she accepted it all. She is such a good example of someone who was sincerely seeking after the truth.

I love being a missionary, but I am excited for the things to come. I hope that the things I have learned will prepare me for what’s next.


Elder Harley

PS- an answer to your question. I would like to do it on the 9th so that Kenny will be there and I can go to his.

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January 27, 2014


Dearest Family,

Sounds like it’s going well in America. It hit me this last week that I have spent a tenth of my life so far in Asia now. That’s a good portion. It’s like paying tithing only with time instead of money. My hope is that if I bust my butt the next few weeks, the Lord will help me out when I get back.

Right now I have no other desire but to help everyone that I possibly can while the day lasts. We are teaching more than I have my whole mission. We taught 30 lessons this last week. We almost doubled balanced key indicators. We were pumped! Elder Sukhan is on a role and he is teaching me a lot. He has the right desires so I hope I can turn him into an even more effective missionary as he goes on.

We were able to see another baptism this last week. It was a sister of a member. She is so quiet and sweet, but she has a solid testimony about Christ. Her parents support her and her brother all the way, but they still need some work before they will be ready to change. After this week, the mission has hit 156 baptisms in 1 month! Compare that to last year when be didn’t even break 40! It’s all the miracles happening and there are even more to come in this wonderful land of Thailand.

It’s a great time to be a missionary.

Elder Harley

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January 20, 2014

DSC03404 DSC03397 DSC03384 DSCN7861

Dear Family,

It was a great week in Thailand. Lots more miracles and baptisms. Sister dualeg and brother beer were both baptized on Saturday. It was another testimony to me that there are people that are ready out there. Brother beers conversion all started 2 weeks ago and all we asked him was “How do you think you are going to get to heaven?” He said we have to be a good person and then we told him that he needs to be baptized and he accepted. In total we only taught him 5 times before he was interviewed. He was so prepared. Sister dua leg took a little more than that. She called us this last week and told us she wanted to slide her date because of things that the members said. We asked to meet with her and we let Elder Ukhdorf to the talking. We had a way spiritual lesson and she we recommitted her to get baptized. She accepted. I think that the challenges she faced will make her a stronger member. She received numerous answers from God during that time and it will be support for her in the future.

This last week we were able to teach 2 of elder sukhans aunts who live here and help them on their journey towards God. They both were skeptical about committing to anything, but we both feel that with some time and some love than they could become part in an eternal family.

This week our district worked together like Micheal Jordan and Scotty Pippen. We passed over one of our investigators to the sisters who wasnt really progressing and they started working miracles with her. She finally started getting serious about the things we were teaching about. We hope she can get baptized this week.

My companion is stellar. He is so humble and teachable and is a good example of meekness. He is an example to me and makes me want to strive to better myself.

It’s a great time to be missionary.


Elder Harley

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January 13, 2014

DSC03355 DSC03343

Dear Family,

It sounds like everyone is totally normal and going along with life.

But this end is rocking it hard core.  Today is “shut down Bangkok” day where the different political parties are attempting to shut down major intersections in Bangkok. One the intersections is just down the street from our house at a huge mall. Sisters Senior wanted all of us to stay inside but President over ruled her and said go to work. We will see how this affects the work. Elder Sukie and I taught a lot this week. I think it was the most member lessons I have taught on my mission in a single week. We have been receiving a lot of blessings as we are trying to work as hard as we can. Sister dualek who has been telling us for the last 2 weeks that she wasn’t ready to get baptized finally accepted. We broke her like a wild stallion. We had her interviewed by the zone leaders this last week to get an answer from the zone leaders that she is ready and she accepted. She has received even more answers in the days that followed that it’s true. She is scheduled for this next week. Elder Sukhan is doing really well. He is catching on really fast to the new contacting and is seeking out the elect. He is catching the vision faster than any other new missionary that I have seen and his desires are in the right place. We are both having loads of fun with it as well. We are seeing some of our work pay off as we have found some of those elect. Specifically a man named brother beer who we met walking home Saturday night about a week ago. We invited him to be baptized and go to church the next day and he did. We have been seen miracles with him and he just gets it.

The days and weeks are flying by. I hope I can do all that I am supposed to do in the coming weeks.

Elder Harley

PS- is it all right if I buy a terabyte hard drive. It’s a lot less expensive here and it would come in handy when I went back to school as well.

PPS I have to tell you a story. I call it messin with The Laos. Elder Gettawong this last week tried to use bleach to clean his black pants because he didn’t know what it did. He was so devastated until I told him that if he rubs peanut butter into them than it will come out. So there he was rubbing in a load of peanut butter into his pants. Long story short. His pants are still bleached.

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January 6, 2014

Yo Family,

I hope you don’t get addicted to technology. Right now I am in an internet cafe and I see about 7 people wasting there lives a way and 1 guy wasted in his chair with his game still going. There are better things in this world besides the internet. This week has been a good one. My companion is super good and teaches like a mad man.  I saw a lot of changes in my district and more specifically my companion. It started with district meeting on Tuesday where we all went out after and did some district contacting. We all watched each other’s examples of talking with people and saw a few miracles just in one day. Then we received some training from the zone leaders and it pumped us up. The next day, Elder Martin and I went on a switch off and made it a goal to not let a single person pass us without talking to them, unless we were already talking with someone else. It took us an hour and a half just to walk to the church that morning. The rest of the day was awesome and we saw some cool miracles. By the end of the week the entire district caught on and we all started talking to more and more people. My companion surprised me when he started going off talking to people without waiting for me. We saw tons of miracles.

One specific was on Saturday. I was super frustrated that no one wanted to know who God was and just shoved it off their shoulders, so I said a prayer and we started our fast. Well within that fast we got 4 new daters. One was a guy we met at 745 Saturday night and invited him to get baptized and go to church the next day. He went and he was super prepared. He has a date in a couple of weeks.

Our mission this month has a goal for 200 baptisms, which has never been done before. We are going to hasten the work one way or another.


Elder Harley

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