May 27, 2013

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Dear Family,

It was an adventure of a week this last week. We taught quite a bit and we saw many miracles happen. Miracles have been happening in nong khai and its undeniable. This last weekend we had 2 baptisms in Nong Khai one from each area. I want to share the experience about brother beer from our area. I go all the way back to when my child and I were fresh new meat in Nong Khai. We didnt really know what was going to happen, but we had faith that the Lord sent us there for a reason. We had but an area book with nothing much more than a list of some potentials. We prayed that some of those people would be willing to listen and we started calling them. Well one of them was brother beer who learned with the missionaries 5 years ago and just before he was going to get baptized he disappeared to bangkok. Well he came back with a desire to be baptized. We did our best to help him over come his concerns and he was able to get baptized. he had a problem with is parents wanting him to be a monk and he also worked on sundays. But the Lord opened up doors for him. He even just suddenly got work off this whole last week so he was able to learn with us everyday. As I look back I can see that the lord really did lead him to us and I am happy that we were able to be a small part in helping him come unto Christ. But we know that this is just the first step. Many more things are yet to come for him. 
We are also teaching another man named sang who we met while riding home one night. We saw him on a bench smoking with a beer bottle in his hand. At first glance we were about to just turn and keep riding, but a voice came in and it said “Wo hold up turn around and talk to that guy.” so we turned around and he informed us that he has seen us alot before. He is a very humble guy and I hope he keeps progressing. 
Its a wonderful time to be a missionary. Even though the rain comes and it stays with my clothes the rest of the day. I cant get enough of it.
Elder Harley
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