January 20, 2014

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Dear Family,

It was a great week in Thailand. Lots more miracles and baptisms. Sister dualeg and brother beer were both baptized on Saturday. It was another testimony to me that there are people that are ready out there. Brother beers conversion all started 2 weeks ago and all we asked him was “How do you think you are going to get to heaven?” He said we have to be a good person and then we told him that he needs to be baptized and he accepted. In total we only taught him 5 times before he was interviewed. He was so prepared. Sister dua leg took a little more than that. She called us this last week and told us she wanted to slide her date because of things that the members said. We asked to meet with her and we let Elder Ukhdorf to the talking. We had a way spiritual lesson and she we recommitted her to get baptized. She accepted. I think that the challenges she faced will make her a stronger member. She received numerous answers from God during that time and it will be support for her in the future.

This last week we were able to teach 2 of elder sukhans aunts who live here and help them on their journey towards God. They both were skeptical about committing to anything, but we both feel that with some time and some love than they could become part in an eternal family.

This week our district worked together like Micheal Jordan and Scotty Pippen. We passed over one of our investigators to the sisters who wasnt really progressing and they started working miracles with her. She finally started getting serious about the things we were teaching about. We hope she can get baptized this week.

My companion is stellar. He is so humble and teachable and is a good example of meekness. He is an example to me and makes me want to strive to better myself.

It’s a great time to be missionary.


Elder Harley

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