June 25, 2012

Dear Family,

I am exhausted right now. We just finished playing footsol with a bunch of elders and sisters in Bangkok and It is so hot a humid. Let me try to explain humidity. Imagine going into a sona. Thats humidity. Its when you come home and you cant touch anything because you are so wet. that is humidity. It was way fun though and I saw some of my buds from the mtc. I will have to ask Elder Davies him being related to Lauri. and I forgot my camera cord so Ill send pictures next week.
This week was full. We realized that we had almost no investigators last week partially because 6 DATERS have just dissappeared. did you hear me, 6 of them. Its amazing how they do that. Anyways so we went inviting a ton. I realized that it is just fun to talk with people. Its getting alot easier to speak “inviting” conversations, especially when you dont have a companion who is boss at Thai. That happened this week when me and Elder Saunders went on exchanges in my area. At first I was alittle worried about how the day would go, but It turned into a good one. We went inviting for a long long time. And if you dont have someone there who always knows what they are saying as your companion, than it forces me to figure it out and it was way fun. We talked to everyone we met. We just tried to talk as well as we could, we talk a few lessons off the invite. One was with this 25 year old kid and it was so funny. So first we just started telling him who we are and then we asked if we could come in for like 10 minutes and teach about something that will change his life. He told us that it was better if we just talk outside. So we were just said ok. Then he goes inside for a second and comes out and is like, actually can I see you id? so we showed it to him and then he let us into his house. It was way funny. He was way to paranoid. He didnt really care about god either.
We also found a less active family while we were inviting and we asked them to come back to church. They said yes but they never showed up.
Bo is still doing way awesome. actually, more than good. We moved her date from the 21 of july to the 7 of July and she is completely ready. We talk about the temple yesterday and she is so pumped. We also gave sister aah a date last week but we found out that she doesnt read the book of mormon untill right before we meet and she doesnt really pray. She likes our church cause we have good commandments. Me and Elder Saunders talk her and it was a tough lesson cause she gave the best answers possible, without being correct. It was tough, but hopefully she will start reading and gain a REAL testimony.
We also talk diddi yesterday and even though she has a date, she doesnt have a real desire to know all of this is true. She wants to be a member of the church, but just because others are. In my opinion she is just really young. Her mom really laid it down for her and told her that she doesnt have to do this if she doesnt have a desire. She doesnt obey her parents very well and you can see that the whole family struggles because of it. Let that be a lesson to you, obey your parents. I realized how much I didnt obey you guys and I wish I would have more. Sorry about that one.
Well you stay classy utah,
Elder Harley
My new address is this one, the office is moving because we are getting a new mission president this week we will meet him on sunday.
1645/6 New Petchburi Road
Maggasan, Ratchatewee
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
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