January 6, 2014

Yo Family,

I hope you don’t get addicted to technology. Right now I am in an internet cafe and I see about 7 people wasting there lives a way and 1 guy wasted in his chair with his game still going. There are better things in this world besides the internet. This week has been a good one. My companion is super good and teaches like a mad man.  I saw a lot of changes in my district and more specifically my companion. It started with district meeting on Tuesday where we all went out after and did some district contacting. We all watched each other’s examples of talking with people and saw a few miracles just in one day. Then we received some training from the zone leaders and it pumped us up. The next day, Elder Martin and I went on a switch off and made it a goal to not let a single person pass us without talking to them, unless we were already talking with someone else. It took us an hour and a half just to walk to the church that morning. The rest of the day was awesome and we saw some cool miracles. By the end of the week the entire district caught on and we all started talking to more and more people. My companion surprised me when he started going off talking to people without waiting for me. We saw tons of miracles.

One specific was on Saturday. I was super frustrated that no one wanted to know who God was and just shoved it off their shoulders, so I said a prayer and we started our fast. Well within that fast we got 4 new daters. One was a guy we met at 745 Saturday night and invited him to get baptized and go to church the next day. He went and he was super prepared. He has a date in a couple of weeks.

Our mission this month has a goal for 200 baptisms, which has never been done before. We are going to hasten the work one way or another.


Elder Harley

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