January 13, 2014

DSC03355 DSC03343

Dear Family,

It sounds like everyone is totally normal and going along with life.

But this end is rocking it hard core.  Today is “shut down Bangkok” day where the different political parties are attempting to shut down major intersections in Bangkok. One the intersections is just down the street from our house at a huge mall. Sisters Senior wanted all of us to stay inside but President over ruled her and said go to work. We will see how this affects the work. Elder Sukie and I taught a lot this week. I think it was the most member lessons I have taught on my mission in a single week. We have been receiving a lot of blessings as we are trying to work as hard as we can. Sister dualek who has been telling us for the last 2 weeks that she wasn’t ready to get baptized finally accepted. We broke her like a wild stallion. We had her interviewed by the zone leaders this last week to get an answer from the zone leaders that she is ready and she accepted. She has received even more answers in the days that followed that it’s true. She is scheduled for this next week. Elder Sukhan is doing really well. He is catching on really fast to the new contacting and is seeking out the elect. He is catching the vision faster than any other new missionary that I have seen and his desires are in the right place. We are both having loads of fun with it as well. We are seeing some of our work pay off as we have found some of those elect. Specifically a man named brother beer who we met walking home Saturday night about a week ago. We invited him to be baptized and go to church the next day and he did. We have been seen miracles with him and he just gets it.

The days and weeks are flying by. I hope I can do all that I am supposed to do in the coming weeks.

Elder Harley

PS- is it all right if I buy a terabyte hard drive. It’s a lot less expensive here and it would come in handy when I went back to school as well.

PPS I have to tell you a story. I call it messin with The Laos. Elder Gettawong this last week tried to use bleach to clean his black pants because he didn’t know what it did. He was so devastated until I told him that if he rubs peanut butter into them than it will come out. So there he was rubbing in a load of peanut butter into his pants. Long story short. His pants are still bleached.

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