December 30, 2013



Dear Family,

Happy NEW YEAR! and happy birthday Ashton. You are now going to be a 19 year old. Don’t get too comfortable cause before you know it you will be 21. It was good to talk to you all at Christmas time and see your smiling faces. I will see what I can do about orchids mom. I haven’t seen many, or at least I haven’t paid attention to them. Ill ask the members if they know of any place with them.

Elder Sukhan and I are getting along great. He is such a great leader and has the desire to get better. He helps me to not just do the same thing over and over if its not working, but helps me to change and get better. We are both pumped for this next transfer. He is super bold too; talking to everyone he lays his eyes on. Its loads of fun.

We saw lots of miracles this last week. The first is that after 1 year and 11 months, an investigator of ours felt so bad that I had a dirty, duck-taped, D.I., secondhand backpack, that she went out and bought me a super nice ‘the north face’ backpack. It was a blessing. That old one was detracting people away from us with its smell. The second one was that this last week we had a couple baptisms in the district and I feel it was a huge miracle. It is a lady and her daughter that have been learning for a year and a half. They have gone through sets and sets of missionaries, and the sisters were able to make it happen finally. I asked them how they came into the gospel and they said, “It was you! you gave us an english card at fashion island in bangapi” Come to find out, my companion and I in my greenie area taught her the first few lessons! And then a member came up and told us that she was a great missionary even before she was a member. She helped 6 people get baptized in the time she was learning. All of that- 8 people – came from just one english card. It was a super cool experience and a tender mercy from the lord. It let me know that blessings come if we work. It may take until your last area to see it, but they do come.

We also had a cool experience contacting. As we went out after teaching a lesson to contact before english, we invited a member to go with us. We didn’t find any one that was interested to get baptized, but the blessings STILL came. The member that came with us gave us a super awesome referral who now has a date. We learned from that experience that what the lord expects is for us to work. If we work, we will receive blessings in the lords way. Its a great time to be a missionary.

Elder Harley

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