December 8, 2013

Dear Mother,

It’s a winter wonderland over there, but its perfect weather over here. Every day feels like California weather. A nice 70 degrees or so. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. To answer some of your questions, I do know the elders in the video. The one with the glasses is going home with me. He is a transfer younger than I am but goes home the same time. I have seen Zach’s girlfriend. The sisters have taught her a few lessons. They say she wants to know about the church but hasn’t really made any commitments and still has some concerns with some commandments. She is a really nice lady though.

As for the contacting, it seems that we are getting more noticed because the rejections are getting more hard core. At the beginning, we usually got a nice that’s all right but now it’s becoming a more definite NO! But that’s ok because we know that its working and it’s what the lord wants us to do. This last weekend we had another person baptized off of inviting like this. All I said was “We all have sin and this is the way to get rid of it” and 4 weeks later he is baptized. We weren’t the ones teaching him because we gave him to the other elders, but it was a huge testimony builder that there are people out there just waiting to be talked to.

I love you all and wish you a white a Christmas.

Elder Harley

DSC03079 DSC03065

Here is brother bens who got baptized on Saturday and our new style destroyer vests

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