December 1, 2013

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week it has been. My bday wasn’t too special. It kind of snuck up on me and we had quite a normal Sunday. The best news was that we had a baptism on Saturday. That makes 2 years in a row that I got to have a birthday baptism! The sisters did buy me some doughnuts and hid a member in a closet with a bunch of balloons. He popped out, but I didn’t jump. We had thanksgiving, but it was at a white persons house who lives here (side note, the owner of the house we went to eat at, her name is rainy something, but she is the president of rainy flies, for fly fishers. She apparently is a big deal. Check to see if Jake knows of her. She makes flies in Thailand) it was good and we were able to stuff our faces with the food we could get, but I could definitely feel the difference. I think the thing that makes holidays special is the fact that we are with our families. That’s what makes it good.

We worked our tails off this last week with trying to get our goals. We had a goal for 7 at the beginning of the week, 5 were interviewed and passed but at the end of the week, only 2 were able to make the cut. We feel sad that we couldn’t help those people get baptized, but we feel satisfied that our zone worked as a team and made that effort to get there. But its not all bad news. The entire mission rallied this last month and we got 109 baptisms as a whole! (the average is around 50) It’s thanks to our fearless inspired leader President senior.
This last week we had a bad experience contacting, but it turned into a good one. We went out on Friday to our good fishing spot at central. We started fishing, talking with everyone. We got yelled at by 2 white people and rejected by numerous concourses of Thai people. We looked at each other half way through with sorrow in our hearts, but determined to keep spreading the good word. Rejection happened more that day than any other day of my life and afterwards both elder wood and I were a little shaken up. But the next day we called a couple of the few numbers we got and got an appointment with someone who wanted to live a pure life. She was awesome! we have met with her 2 times now and she has a date in a few weeks. We received the blessings after the struggle.
We also had a baptism this last week from someone we met 2 weeks ago at the very same place. He was prepared by the lord. I believe there are many more like that out there.

It’s a great time to be a missionary

Elder Harley

DSC03061 DSC03058 DSC03056

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