November 24, 2013

Dear Mother,

Thanks for the news, but I do get to see a little what’s going on. That high speed train is all over the news here. It’s going to be wicked. Speaking of wicked, I have actually been to the mall that they talk about in the Christmas article. Its huuuuuuugggge! It reminds me of the great and spacious building.

It was an excellent week. We have been so busy and were able to get a lot done with the short time we had. We found lots of new investigators including one who we met last Friday. It was the last person we saw sitting on a scooter. I gave him a baptismal card and asked if he knew what it was. He said know so I told him and asked if he wanted to do it to. He said he couldn’t because he is Buddhist and I told him that he can change and so he agreed to meet with us the next day. He is 20 years old and is seeking for truth. He is one of the first kids I have met who realized that 99% of people are Buddhist only because their family way back to the fist king is Buddhist. He said that they don’t go out and seek for themselves. We then had the impression to teach the restoration and he was excited to learn. We gave him a date for next month.

We have had a super good experience with our investigator R. He was found 2 Fridays ago from contacting and he is so good. We challenged him to be baptized on this upcoming Saturday and he accepted. He says that God has answered all his questions through the Book of Mormon. He is such a humble person and wants God to be in his life. I think he will make a great missionary in the near future. The way he knew the Book of Mormon and everything else was true was that after we told him to go home and pray about it, he read all the pamphlets, part of the liahona and the Book of Mormon. He prayed and then opened up the Book of Mormon and pointed to the word “yea” but in Thai it indirectly translates to แท้จริงแล้ว (tea jing laew) which literally translates to “indeed its true” He was so stunned and took it as his answer from god. He has received more answers as well.

Yesterday was also mission tour where an area seventy comes and tours the mission. I was asked to conduct. I winged it but according to the mission president I didn’t mess it up to bad. We learned a lot about recognizing the spirit. It was Elder Wilson who was presiding and he is super smart he said he has read thousand of books, but nothing compares to Book of Mormon. Sister Dao helped a lot with setting up the food and after, they found out that her husband got in a car accident last week. He is still not a member, but he agreed to receive a blessing. We all headed over to her house with all the big guns. The spirit was pumping in her house with all of them; the APs, the mission president and the area 70 all in the same room giving a blessing. I translated for him and received some help to translate the great things he said. I hope that brother Komsan remembers the spirit he felt in there. Sister Dao got spoiled. that is the second general authority that has helped her since she was baptized just 2 months ago. I love that family.


Elder Harley

PS I will probably use the money grandma gave me to buy a suit so I can look sharp wherever I go.

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