November 10, 2013

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Dear Mother and family,

What a week it has been here in chiangmai. The sad news is that our lady boy friend has discontinued his learning about Christ. He/she believes god hates people like him and wont accept that God is in charge. He won’t accept the truth. He knows its true, but he has told himself for so long that he is a woman that he has no way of returning back. It teaches me a lot about how satan works. He starts with small little strings that add up every day until it is almost impossible to get out. But being on a mission, I have seen Christ swoop in and get people out of their old ways and make them a new person.

More miracles have happened this week as well. I know it might be getting a little old but it’s just what happens out here. The first one was this last week when we received training at our missionary council about contacting. We are entering into a new phase of missionary work, and we must hasten it. The old way of contacting was to sit next to someone, ask them about there lives until they ask who you are and then you tell them and then you argue with them for 10 minutes about how this is a better path. Then they tell you they will try it and when you try to call them, they say they are not free. It’s quite a long and tedious process. But our new way, which elder wood and I have been thinking about for a while, and then confirmed on Wednesday is just the opposite. We are to ask people right from the get go if they want to go to heaven or not and that they have to get baptized to do it. We get rejected way more, but we can talk to so many people, and the ones that will listen will be prepared. This is revelation from the Lord and we have seen it working already. In just an hour and 45 min, 5 people accepted a date to be baptized. One of them has already been to a baptismal service and learned 2 times in 2 days. Its great and I am excited to continue making it happen.

The other miracle was another walk in. She learned with the sisters 3 years ago and she came back after she did sin for a long time. She says she is ready to obey God. She wants to get baptized in 2 weeks. She is in the other branch so we gave her over to the other set of elders. It was a miracle. I know miracles can happen when we expect them.


Elder Harley,

PS- the Christmas package is already here, but i decided not to spoil my Christmas and left it at the office.

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