October 20, 2013

My family,

It was a mighty change this last week. Elder Xiayawong died and his spirit (and his body) went home… to Laos. He was ready to move on. In his place came Elder Wood. He is from St. George originally but his family now lives in Springville. He is a humble missionary who relies on the lord. Elder Pyne moved out and elder Wheeler is now here. All 4 of us are ready to work and it is going to be a wicked transfer.

This last week we have been working with our recent converts and helping them prepare for what’s next. They are all doing so well. Miracles keep happening here. Yesterday at church there were 7 walk ins that came in and members and investigators brought there friends to have them taught the gospel. It is a very exciting time. Sis dao and brother nick are on fire. She got a less active and one of our investigators to church yesterday with a huge smile on her face. I don’t know if I told you but she is already a branch missionary and she takes here role very seriously. We are all praying for her husband to open his heart because she wants to go the temple so bad. This experience has taught me a lot about the spirit. As we were teaching about the plan of salvation with brother nick yesterday, we asked her how the spirit helps us. With out hesitation she said, “It helps us know god is real.”

It’s amazing to me that 4 weeks ago she didn’t know that Jesus Christ and God existed. She had no idea what they could do for her, but through the spirit she knows that they are out there. Another experience or I guess a couple experiences this last week also helped me learn about the spirit. Over the course of the last month, there was a Chinese holiday and a lot of Chinese people came to Thailand. It seemed like every single day, Chinese people would come to look at our church. I personally talked with around 7 of them. I gave 2 a book of mormon and 2 left back to china before I could get a Chinese copy. One lady came in saying that she tried to go into the temple in California and they didn’t let her. I asked if she wanted to know how she could go in and she got very excited and wanted to know. She said she has been seeking for more spirituality and more purpose. One couple came in with a strong belief in God, but they felt something was missing from their poorly translated bible. They wanted more. I thought about how in just a few weeks, all these Chinese people are coming here and wanting more. I couldn’t help but think about the millions of others who want to know truth but at this point in time they can’t get it to it. I hope that that country will open in the near future because it is ready for the gospel. The work is being hastened all over the world and we need to be ready for it.


Elder Harley

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