November 3, 2013

Dear Family,

Every time you tell me of news at home it gets stranger and stranger. The family is changing and the times are to. Mckenzie Lewis is already out on a mission? That’s so strange. It sounds like every one is happy and doing well. To answer your questions, we do use the bible some times. Especially with Christian investigators, but mostly we use the book of mormon because that is what will help them the most. They don’t really understand the difference between Christian sects. They are all the same which is they believe in Christ instead of Buddha, so helping them understand the restoration is very important.

The teaching with our confused friend is not to good. We had a long conversation at the church this last week where he basically told us that he believes that it is true, but he is not satisfied with gods answer that he can not be the way he is. He claims that God hates people like him and wont accept him. We assured his that God will accept you, but will not accept your sins. Its not quite over yet so Ill update you next week.

We communicated with the Chinese people in English. They can speak really well. I am not quite able to speak in Chinese yet. I’m going to get Thai and Laos down first.

And Transfers is in the middle of December and then I have 1 more after that.

Also, this last week we had good and bad new. The good news is that we got senior couples! the bad news is that we had to take care of fresh, non-Thai speaking senior couples. BUT what great lessons that I learned this last week. My testimony of service was strengthened this last week as we helped the new senior couple out finding a house for them for the first couple of days after they got here. It was a lot of hours spent that we were not able to use working with our investigators. We were a little discouraged, but we knew that it was what the lord wanted us to do. So going into Sunday, our key indicators were very low. We made plans to try and make our goals and then went to work. It was amazing, we taught a lot after church and we got 5 new daters in one day. We made all of our goals and even exceeded some except for 2 lessons with an rcla. We felt that we were blessed for our service. I couldn’t help but think how I will apply this principle once I return home. I will be called to serve, and I must have the patience and trust in heavenly father that it will work out for our good.

The zone is doing well. We have lots of baptismal daters (over 25) for the zone. We believe it came from preparation. We started preparing for this month at the beginning of last month, and it has paid off. I have a stronger testimony about visions goals and plans.

I love you all and can wait until I get home,

Elder Harley

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