October 13, 2013

Dear family,

What a great week it has been. Lots more adventures. This last week for pday our district went to the tiger kingdom to lay with these majestic beasts. It was a thrill. I learned a lot more about them. Apparently there are only 300 tigers in the wild in Thailand. They are only in the deep jungle. But there are tons in Laos Cambodia and Burma. Elder Xiawong says that there are people in Laos that have been killed by tigers. It was a fun adventure.

We also had the baptism of brother nick. He is such a wonderful new addition to the lord’s kingdom. I remember the first time we taught him, he didn’t really believe anything, but as we taught and as he saw the examples of the members, he felt the truth of the message. Our example really does influence others as they learn about the truth. He has been able to recognize the spirit in his life and wants to continue following god.

I also learned a load of stuff from general conference. One talk that stood out to me this last week was a talk by Elder Edward Dube. He talked about dwelling on what we have done, but looking towards the future and the many great things that are still in store. As I am getting older as a missionary, it is a temptation to look back and see how far I have come, rather than focusing on what I have to do. I am going to apply this principle in the last few months as a missionary and whatever comes next in life.

Love Elder Harley

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