September 29, 2013


First I want to give a shout out to Kayla as she is now a 16 year old snot nose pimple face growth spurting body changing teenager. I wont say to much cause I sent a letter to her a couple weeks ago. I love you all and love the rest of the family that sent letters. It helped a lot and gave me some motivation to keep on pushing. I probably wont give many responses to them as time is limited, but I am happy to chat it up when I get home. It sounds like life is still beautiful and that is good to hear.

This last week was an adventure of a life time. one of the greatest weeks I have had. It all started on Monday when we sent emails early so we could make the trek in the back of a pick up to ride some elephants. Our branch president decided to take a detour to a big waterfall first. It was a beautiful waterfall with a huge pool at the bottom. The cliff jump was calling my name so I had to break some rules and ju- just kidding I used some self control on this one. But it was a beautiful sight. He decided to take us back to the truck the back way and we didn’t know what to expect. But it turned into a jungle journey. We scaled up the mountainside and came out at the river which all 8 of us had to cross. There was some slips and we were all soaked. Then we had to pull our selves up the other side of the mountain using the roots of bamboo shoots. The sisters slid down at least 3 times. Then we finished it off with elephants down the road from the water fall. We got it special and got to ride bare back. it was an adventure all right. Elder xiawong was super scared of falling off, but we got through safely. There was even a baby elephant that I tried to play with but it wasn’t too friendly.

The adventure continued the rest of the week as we helped sister dao and her daughter prepare for baptism. They are so wonderful. She got her hands on preach my gospel and read the whole thing before her interview. She confessed that she knew all of the questions, but that didn’t matter because her faith was already there. She and her daughter were baptized on Saturday. She has a great spirit and her daughter as well. We went to her house and visited her and her family on Sunday as well. We spent some time friendshipping her husband. Deep down he is a great man and I personally believe that he will change one day. Through her example and the example of members, he will change. We have a plan to have a family home evening at her house tonight.

It was a great week and I learned a lot. Even with all the good things that happened, the Lord tested me in other ways and I was able to learn a lot. I have lots to improve on and lots of things to learn still. I am grateful for all of your examples and the support you all give me. I am grateful for the plan of salvation and the opportunity to help others live it.


Elder Harley

DSC02834 DSC02835 DSC02781 DSC02842 DSC02723 DSC02741 Picture 010

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