September 22, 2013

Dear family,

What a week it has been. I have been strengthened in my personal testimony which I can use to help others. I have so many good examples to look at up here in Chiangmai, especially my companion. 

I have also been learning a lot from our investigator sister dao. She was so prepared by Heavenly father. She has finished the book of mormon in less than a week and has plans to finish it again. We finished teaching all of the lessons with in a weeks time. She even asked if she could pay tithing before we taught it, we told her to wait so she took the money for tithing and bought us food. She is the sweetest lady and she wants to follow heavenly fathers plan. We learned that her husband is not a very good guy and she wanted him to come and learn. We told her to pray to have the courage to bring her husband. She did, and when we taught her husband this last week, we spent time getting to know him and then we bore strong testimony of the plan of salvation. Elder xiawong began to weep as he shared his experience as a young boy with a drunk father. It made every one in the room begin to weep and the spirit testified to her husband. He hasn’t yet changed, but no one is changed in one day. We assured her that through her example he will notice. She is determined to endure to the end. She has a date for next saturday. 

We were also privileged to have one of the 70 come  who is a councilor in the asia area presidency speak at our zone conference. After wards, president senior asked us to take him teaching. We had him help us teach sister dao. In the lesson we asked about her reading, she said moroni 8. Elder Funk asked, where did she start. His eyes got huge when we told him from the beginning. He then talked about her in District conference the next day. It was a cool experience.

I love it here in Chiang Mai and we see miracles happen every single day. 


Elder Harley

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