September 8, 2013


Dear Family,

It sounds like things are back to normal as all the chillins are back in school. Everything sounds great and I am happy that everything is going super smooth. I finally got a letter from taylor… a whopping 2 lines! I hope that he has a good time at byu.

I am having fun with my companion. He plays the guitar way good and sings to me in english. He is hilarious. I am learning a lot from his teaching skills. He has the gift of persuasion. He asks such good questions to help our investigators understand. I feel like I am learning more than I am training.

The time goes by so quickly, but at the same time I look back on the week and so many different things happened. Lots of memorable experiences that I will remember for ever. After our missionary leadership council in bangkok on tuesday, we had quite a bit of time before our bus left back up to Chiangmai. So We felt it appropriate to do some less active work in don muang. I was very sad to hear that some of the recent converts that I helped were not doing to well spiritually. So we went with pres tawit and his wife and visited a few people. As we got into the room of brother dea, I felt the spirit guide us as we promised him the blessings he would receive if he would do the things the Lord asked him to do. I love that place. So many good experiences that helped me grow as a missionary and as a person.

This last week we went down to lambang as well to interview 2 investigators and do some training. It was such a good experience. The brother that I interviewed had so much faith and he believed with out hesitation. He reminded me of the verse in alma that talks about those who believe without having to be compelled to be humble. But one thing that he was lacking was his repentance. He didnt have any experiences with repentance. So I challenged him to go home and pray to heavenly father. When I followed up with him a couple of days later. He was so happy. He said that night that he went home and prayed 5 times asking for repentance he said after that he felt a huge peace come over him and he felt so good. He was so great full that he was able to learn this principle before he was baptized. He should be baptized in the coming weeks.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Elder Harley

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