September 14, 2013

Dear Family,

You know you have been in the field a while when the greenie next to me has a 3 page letter from there family, and I get about 20 sentences. 🙂 But don’t worry about it, my letters are getting shorter just the same. It sounds like it was an eventful week at home. Tell miami shes a good dog and would be a better dog if she made little black kittens disappear.

This last week we received so many blessings. I don’t know what we did to deserve them. Simply put, miracles are happening in chiang mai. This last week we had 2 baptisms in chiang mai 1 in our branch and 1 in the other. It wasn’t our baptism but we were so happy to be able to be a part of it. before this last transfer there hadn’t been a baptism in one branch for over 8 months and in the other 5 months. This month we have had 4 already. And we expect even more especially after a miraculous experience on friday. We got a call in the morning that a lady and her daughter went into the church for help from Christ. She wants to help her 2 children be good and wants to be a good mother. She said that budhism is not doing anything for her family so she turned to christ. She doesn’t know why she came to our church but she said that as soon as she saw it, she knew God was there so she went inside. She is such a sweet lady with 2 daughters one is 9 and the other 5. Her husband is a police officer, but he is in bangkok right now. We have taught her the last three days and she believes everything and is already seeing blessings coming into her life. Her and her daughter both have a date in a couple weeks. She went to church yesterday and loved it.

I love it here and am excited to keep working. I am learning a lot from my companion. He is a master teacher. He teaches with power and authority, something that I am seeking after.


Elder Harley

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