August 26, 2013

elder harley

Dear Family,

It sounds like everyone is doing stellar back home and are having fun with school. This last summer went by really fast and it’s just going to get faster and faster. We are very busy here in Chiang Mai. We have so much work to do we usually get home too late to eat dinner. People are just showing up to the church all the time, ready to be taught. It’s so cool miracles happen every day. To me it feels like the Thai people sing hymns normal, but I remember when I first got here the tones messed up the tune. Thai music is beautiful though. I feel like every day is a new adventure. Ill share a few of them.

The first is on Thursday when the APs came up here to do switch offs. And guess who the AP is- Elder Davies my comp in the MTC. He is a boss missionary and we got to go out and preach the gospel all day Thursday. We did some church tours in the morning and then we visited a few less actives. One of them was an old preacher in his last church. He knows the bible back to front and he came across the truth here and it pierced him like a sword. He moved up here from Bangkok and just didn’t really get over to the church. He came on Sunday and taught 3 lessons with us. He is a good guy.

The second story is also about Christians. We taught a former named leg this last week. He claims to be a modern day Joseph Smith searching for the truth, but he is far from it. He knows the bible as well as the last guy, but he was not able to humble himself as did the less active. Every word that came out of our mouths was questioned and then it just turned into a bible bash. We did our best to keep the spirit in the room, but in the end he couldn’t accept it.

And the third story was took place after we received training on teaching better. We applied it to a sister who had a date for last Saturday, but did not answer her phone the entire week. We were finally able to get a hold of her and set up an appointment. We had the thought that she just wasn’t ready, or she didn’t have the desire, but we went in with bold hearts as Aaron did. We helped her see the blessings, but also the consequences. Elder Xiawong taught with power, but also love. We helped her see what a blessing this is and she agreed to prepare herself again for next week. We set up specific times to meet and she is willing to do it. It was a miracle.

It was a good week here and we received a lot of blessings.


Elder Harley

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