July 29, 2013

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It has been raining for at least 36 hours straight. This last week was nothing but rain. Its a blast and I dont like it when it stops because it just gets up to around 300% humidity. but at least the drain systems are ok because there isnt too much flooding. Our house on the other hand has clogged and we get a nice surprise coming out of the drain each time we flush. Its quite nice. I have eated many a things that I cant get down. Number 1 on the last is blah, which is fermented fish guts that they sneak into most of the dishes out here. They go crazy for that stuff. Sister water, one of the greatest members I have met in thailand sells papaya salad and she gets it to me with out it. So what plans does taylor have? thats so cool that Kimball will go up to the north. Its close to Chiang mai is a mountain village of mong speakers. They wear some of the coolest outfits.
This last week was so good. We learned so much together as a companionship and we were able to do some good work. I love this branch more and more as I keep going. Its so much fun. This last sunday, the mission president came all the way out to yasothon. He even stayed after to eat with us for the weekly feast on the floor of the sacrament room. We had grilled chicken, papaya salad and sticky rice. Right after he left we had a meeting and then set off to visit some members that didnt get to come to church and investigators. It is a powerful experience every week. We visited an investigator who we met while contacting. We felt led to his house. The first time we met him he didnt really care to hear, but it was interesting as we kept teaching and asking inspired questions, his deep questions came out. He did wonder why he was born. He was very eager to read the book of mormon after that and we got a return appointment. Which brings us back to yesterday when we met him for the second time. He responded well and felt good reading the book of mormon. He is a quiet and humble guy. I hope he continues to have spiritual experiences like that. 

We had lots of events this week of the spirit leading us to different places. Lots of the people responded well, but many rejected. Its one of the saddest moments when we meet someone who needs the gospel in their lives, but isnt willing to take the chance. We met one man just like that. We taught all about the plan of salvation after learning that a relative had just died. He kept asking good questions, but when we asked to meet again, he said it was impossible to change because of the traditions of his father. We went away sad, but also filled with the spirit.
It was a good week and I see so much potential in this area- both us and the other companionship. Its a good time to be a missionary.

I love you all and I am excited for the final stretch. 
(heres a new one) L8r
Elder Harley
By the way who is out on their mission in our ward

Here are some pictures of the weight training that goes on in thailand, and also a family in the branch. He is the elders quorum president
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