July 22, 2013

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Dear Family,

I pray with all my heart that you are not all dead. I hope every one is having a blast this summer and is doing good things.
This last week was kind of disappointing but at the same time, alot of miracles happened. Brother gaew was doing well until his concern of not being married came up. His gf wont accept to marry him and he is kind of giving up a little. We talked with him about temples and about him being with his family forever. He has a wife that died and he really wants to see her again. Its very sad that he doesnt even love her. He could care less if she left or stayed. I am so greatful for my family and that love that is there.
This last week we felt lead by the spirit. Almost everytime we would go out to contact, we would have no success in the area that we went to, until the last person. We just kept on walking and talking and the lord lead us to the end of the road. Even Elder Black on the way back asked ” Why do we always find someone at the very end?” I answered and told him its because the Lord wants to test our endurance. We met a really awesome new investigator right before heading to english class. His father actually told him to come listen because he himself wasnt interested. We taught him about the book of mormon and right as we were leaving he asked ” So why are there so many sects in christianity. I have been wondering for a really long time.” we kept him hanging by telling him that that was for next lesson. He readily accepted a return appointment. I believe he is searching for the truth and I believe the spirit will lead him to what he is looking for.
I love you all and am eager to hear from you every week. I love this branch and the people of yasothon. Never have I come to a branch and loved it so much right from the beginning as I do here. I am so excited to work with these wonderful members. I cant wait to get out this next week.
Elder Harley
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