August 5, 2013


Dear Family,

Its going by way to fast now. the transfer ends next week already. I feel like I just barely got to this place. Its nuts. I am glad that the winding down summer is going well. This is definitely the fastest summer that I have ever had in my life. I don’t think I need anything more than I have. I think I’m going to stick it out for deodorant. I have 1 stick left and I figure out the rest when I get there. Taylor has not written to me so get on him hard I want to hear from that gnome.
This last week was a blast. We found quite a few new investigators. From contacting, contacting former investigators and getting referrals. We had a cool experience with the former investigator. His name is noy and we found him while we were heading to contact and he waved us down and we made an appointment with him. We then found out the he lives way out of the city so we and sister nam headed out. We didn’t really know exactly where he lived but it didn’t matter because 5 minutes in, elder blacks tire popped. So we walked down the road through the rice fields until finally the noy came behind us. So Elder Black got in the truck and I held on the truck on my bike and we zoomed all the way there. His house is on stilts and he has tons of farm animals, including a turkey- first time I have seen a turkey in Thailand. It was a good first lesson with him and I hope we will be able to bring him unto Christ.
We also had a branch activity this last Friday to try and unify the branch together. The most memorable activities we had back at home for all of us was ward breakfasts. So we decided to give this branch a taste. We prepared all different types of American breakfast foods and got the members at the church. We ate, played some activities and then had a spiritual thought at the end. The members had lots of fun. Plus as a bonus we had about 6 investigators and a few more friends of the members came which then turned into investigators. It was a success! I hope we can do it again. Brother tong who got baptized about 1.3 months ago had a mouth organ which is a wicked Thai instrument. 
It was a good week. lots of rain. but a good week. It sounds like there are quite a few people out on missions right now in our ward I’m a proud.
I love you all.
Elder Harley
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