August 18, 2013

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Dear Family of mine,

The first of the 3 Harleys is home. I will probably be the last one home. He sounds good. Tell him to email me. His talk sounds like he taught people who were just like Thai people, with out Christianity. It makes the process a little slower, but you can see what difference it makes in their lives as they come to the realization that they are children of God and this is his plan. Its humbling. Sounds like everyone had lots of fun at lake powel. Kayla already broke the deal so there is no hope for her now. Tell her that even though I’m not there, I’m always watching. I have the missionary sense.

It was a huge change of pace this last week. I was booted out of Yasothorn leaving my starving child stranded and sent into beautiful chiang mai up in the north as a zone leader. I am with another Laos missionary name elder xiawong that makes 2 Laos companions. He is hilarious, but he has a lot of focus. He will die out and go home to Laos in a couple months. We are over the northern region of Thailand there are mountains here with rain forests and such. We are so excited to get the work pressing forward here. We are a very young zone. Every one, including the sisters are either training or being trained except for us and the 2 other elders in our district. Speaking of which elder pyne who is our stake is in our district. We also have 4 sisters here. chaing mai has 2 branches that meet in a building and there are 2 companionships in each. We did have a baptism as well on saturday. Easiest baptism I have ever had, considering I only taught her 1 time before her interview. Her name is oom and has had a lot of experiences that led her to believe in God. Lets see we caught 2 birds in the church. Elder Xiawong is fear less and just grabbed them and threw them out.

We had a really good experience yesterday after church. The side yard of the church is open to all and lots of people come to get away from the busy streets. We decided to go and talk to some of them with a member. We talked to a couple who ended up being catholic, but didnt really want to sit down for 10 minutes. So we asked if we could just show them around the church. They agreed and they went through with us. They felt something for sure because they both showed a desire to come back for the meeting next sunday. It was a good experience of using the church to help others feel the spirit, something that I havent been able to do in most of my areas.

It was a good week. Its a great time to be a missionary

Love Elder Harley

By the way I didn’t get your package

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