August 11, 2013

Jackson DSC02329 DSC02328

Dear Family,

Lots of stuff is happening at home it sounds like. I am glad that everyone is having fun with the summer they have left. I am happy that you are having a good time serving as well. It sounds like good things are happening at home and I am very thankful for that. I pray for you people every day and it sounds like they are being answered.

This last week we picked up a new investigator named ya he is a friend of a member and understands really well. He is a punk but he is way funny.He learned and went to church in his youth and remembers alot. One of the clearest is samuel the lamanite on the wall. He dropped off the path and did some bad stuff, but he now wants to come and make things better with God. He feels good when he is around us and we made sure he knew that it wasnt us, but the spirit of the Lord.

Well the big news is that I am going to be moving out of yasothorn this next week. We were told early this time around. I was pretty devistated when I found out. 6 weeks is not enough time, but I feel like its whats supposed to happen. I felt it all this last week that I would be moving and thats what happened. I have a few days left to get in all the work that I can before I leave. I am going to miss this branch and the people here. It has been some of the best memories on my mission out here in the middle of thailand.

This week was a very interesting week to put in the books. I wont spill it all since that will take alot of time. I can say that the lord really does lead us even when we cant feel it. I have learned over the course of my time here that the Lord is always looking out for us as we humble ourselves and ask for his help. It was a wonderful week.


Elder Harley

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