July 15, 2013

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Dear Family,

It sounds like every one is doing well. I am proud of my boy taylor that he is still nuts for snowboarding… and that he came home with honor. I love that little munshkin. Its insane that time is flying by at wicked speeds.

My area is super. We are out in the middle of no where. I thought nong khai was small until I came here. Its about a 7 minute bike ride until you hit miles and miles of rice fields, coconut and banana farms and all sorts of wild. There is lots of fruit out here as it is the good season. Mangos arnt really on but we have mangostien, dragon fruit and bananas. Its super delicious. Out here I am with elder black elder johnson and elder merkley. The other 2 are huge into body building so I am eating good and working out good.

I feel very good about our week considering our state before. We are working very hard with the wonderful members of yasothon who are so fun to be around, but yet know their job and work so hard. They follow the spirit and have a good desire to help the lost sheep. the street contacting is going well. We have found there are alot less people here than bangkok, so we have been trying all sorts of different things; going on the streets, to markets to supermarkets and even neighborhoods. One experience on saturday was we decided to go to a neighborhood and we went out to find it and we couldnt find it. So we rode for a little while and felt we should go down a street we past by. We parked our bikes at a 4 way, prayed and felt we should turn right. We talked to 3 our 4 people and got rejected hard core. As we were coming back, about to find a different place, elder black started talking to a man reading a budhist newspaper. We talked for a little while and found out he learned about 5 years ago. It was a spirit lead lesson and he agreed to a return appointment. We came out feeling that the spirit really was with us the whole time.

We also got a new dater this last week. We are teaching an investigator named brother gaew. He has been learning with elders since 4 years ago. He had some concerns that we new about, but we decided to just teach him as if he were a new investigator. We started from square one with the book of mormon and found out he doesnt really even have a testimony of the good book yet. We are going to try and help him prepare to be baptized in the next couple weeks.
Elder Black is doing so well. I feel like he is training me on all the stuff I do wrong. He is ready to learn and work and its motivating me to do better. He already memorized joseph smiths first vision and used it in a lesson!

No mom I havent decided what I am going to do with coming home, but Im heavily leaning on staying till the end. I was called for 2 years so Im going for 2 years. But let me know on jobs or anything I could do. Alaska is an option but keep looking around. Ill get there when I get there.


Elder Harley

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