July 8, 2013

Dear Family,

What a wonderful trip to timp. I always loved those hikes and just like uncle chris, I am not done. It is a wonderful to be able to fast for gratitude. We really have so much in america and every day I realize it more and more.
Well this last week was transfers and I guess I did so bad at training that they decided I needed to do it again. So me and fresh-from-the-plane Elder Black were sent out to yasothorn in the south east of thailand to reopen an area. He is my tallest companion at 6 4 220 pounds. He is 20 and is from seattle washington. His mom is thai but didnt think it was worth the time to teach him some. Thats all right because He is a boss at the language already. There was just 2 elders here but we bumped it up to 4. It is a change of pace and I will miss all the members in Nong khai. We did have an adventure on the way down though. About an 1 hour into our trip to bangkok the immigration got on to check for passports and id. We missionaries dont carry around our passports, but we carry around a copy. They wouldnt accept our copy so they forced us off the bus and were debating what they wanted to do with us. When we called president, they just got more annoyed. So as we sat Elder sanguansak wispered ” Hey I think we should pray” we agreed but then got distracted by talking with them again. As we talked, we looked over in the corner and saw Elder sanguansak praying. He cam back and a few minutes later they told us ” Well you are volunteers so I am going to show mercy on you and let you go.” You should have seen Elder sanguansaks face light up as we hurried back on the bus for another 12 hours to bangkok. It was a good experience.
Its another great challenge and I am excited to work in yasothon. We came in with about the same amount that we had in nong khai in the beginning which isnt much, but this is a great opportunity for a new missionary to use faith and go to work. We have a vision so we know what we are going to do, but we still dont know exactly how we are going to do it. The members here are incredible though. There is just a church building with about 40-45 members who come to church. Its quite small, but they are super enthusiastic about the work. We went out yesterday with them visiting less actives and investigators. They are so ready to work. They truly desire the Lords blessings for Thailand. 
I love you all. The time is going by so fast. you know you are getting old in the mission when the sisters that came with you have now gone home to america. Its now my time to shine and do what I was sent out here to do before its too late.
elder Harley
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