July 1, 2013

Dear family,

It sounds like a wonderful week in Utah I imagine that it is very hot and dry there. Well here it is nothing but wet. It has been raining for the last week, pretty much the whole time, but it is wonderful. I learned alot this last week I hope that I can cram it into one letter with in the hour.
We have been busy this last week working alot with the branch, I forget to mention it in past letters that at the beginning of this transfer I was called as the branch clerk in Nong Khai. The reason was because the records are very old and needed to be updated, but the branch lacked a good Clerk. So brother luey and I have been working together to get the records updated, hometeaching upadated and then searching for those that have been lost. There are alot of people that no one in the branch even knows, including tanade that I mentioned last week. We have also been working with sister naan and sister chompoo. They are slowly coming to the truth. They have been busy with school so its hard to meet. But we see potential in them and hope that good things come from it.
The second one the list is that we learned to preach. We were called upon by our mission president to preach in the streets for atleast 2 hours each day. We had a lot of good experiences teaching them in their streets teaching them in their homes teaching them in their markets and teaching them in their supermarkets. We are great full for the opportunity he gave us to use a couple of hours to talk and teach. talking with people as much as we could. It was hard at some points, but we felt guided as well. We have not seen any direct results from it yet, but we have raised a warning voice and have lots of potentials. It opens my eyes every time we step into a huge market full, (and when I say full I mean filling over the top,) of people. I am sad that we can not talk to them all. It makes me realize that I cannot find those prepared with out the help of Heavenly Father. We need him to guide us. We watched the missionary work broadcast yesterday and today and it set my sights to a new height. I know that those men are prophets of God. 
This last week I grew alot and learned alot personally which I can apply into my daily preaching of the gospel. It seemed that ever since we received training at zone conference about diligence and desire, the lord has placed many challenges in my way to test just that. I felt discouraged at some points but I think this last week I received some guidence and answers to my prayers. It started with a blessing from my wonderful companion who, guided by the spirit gave me wonderful council and comfort. I have been praying so hard and I am now seeing my desires change. I find myself weeping and being filled with the spirit more as I learn more about my duty. I am finding that the little things dont matter as much as they used to. I know I have much more to learn, but I can feel a change happening and I want it to continue to grow. My love for the members in Nong Khai continues to grow. 
I hope that we all realize the huge potential we have; to be like our heavenly father. I love you so much and desire your happiness. 
Elder Harley
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