June 23, 2013

Dear Family,

Yes of course I am torturing my child. What are fathers for. The members are probably worse than me though, teaching him fighting words and such. We have eaten 20 pepper ส้มตํา or in america papaya salad. my lips turned a nice shade of purple. Other than that, his language is getting better and better. I am excited to see him spread his wings move on with out me in a couple weeks. I remember that when my trainer left, that is when I learned the most. I think he will just shoot up. and yes he loves thailand. I liked hearing about the experiences that happened this last week in the family. I am sad to hear about taylor, but I know that he served with all he had and I am proud of him. He will continue to do good throughout his entire life, not just on a mission.
This last week we saw some disappointments but we also saw some great moments. This last week brother saengs wife decided that she did not approve of his learning the gospel. She called us and told us not to teach any more. We talked with him and fasted with him but it seems like its just going to take a little more time. I was sad that his wife did not accept the message. We are going to do all we can to keep his faith up and grow in his knowledge of the savior. The lesson after his wife called us was especially spiritual. We didnt really know what to say, but the spirit backed up our words and we could feel the spirits presence pressing upon him. I hope he will find the way.
But we also saw great moments with brother tanade, the less active. We taught him about the priesthood on saturday and he mentioned a piece of church material he had that he wanted to share. We ended up pulling out his old box of church materials from underneath the stairs and looking through it. I was filled with amazement as we pulled out institute manuals, church magazines, books about the prophets and a stack of book of mormons and bibles. He was a faithful member in the past, but was some how lost. He committed to come to church, but was unable to come because of the weather. I felt the spirit so strong that day. 
Our investigator pool is quite small right now but we have faith that the lord will continue to pick it up. He has done it before. We are also witnessing other miracles all around us that help us feel that the Lord is there. Like brother beer coming to church through the pouring rain yesterday and passing the sacrament, when other members did not. He is doing very well. I have high hopes that he will make this branch so much stronger.
I love you all and hope the summer continues to be a steller one.
Elder Harley
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