June 17, 2013

Dear Family,

Its sad to hear that our wonderful grandma has passed on, but its so happy that we know where she is. I know shes in a good place. You dont need to call me. I dont really know what that would do. I am greatful for the wonderful things grandma taught me, even though I didnt show it very well in the moment. I can still remember going to her house every day after school and learning cursive writing- which I hated- but I am so greatful that she loved me enough to keep on pushing. Wow I was a brat when I was a kid. Grandmas legacy will continue onward. 35 grandchildren is not a small number it will keep growing and growing until it has filled the whole happy valley.
What a wonderful week it has been and I have seen some of our vision we had set start coming to pass. At the beginning of our journey in nong khai, we saw the need for more melchezidek priesthood holders. We prayed that we would find them and set a vision of a larger elders quorum. This last week brother beer received the priesthood as well as the other elders recent convert brother beaw. We are teaching another investigator named saeng who is preparing to be baptized in the coming weeks and we are working with a less active priesthood holder named tanade. We hope that through our efforts we will be able to make this branch stronger and set a firm foundation. We hope the Lord will be pleased with our efforts.
I want to talk about the less active we found as well brother tanade. He has been baptized since 1993 and disappeared after the branch closed in nong khai. It was a miracle how we found him. Lately we have been meeting as quorum on thursdays to go out and save the lost sheep. Brother beer was with us as we were looking through the many less actives in the branch, trying to find some that the older members new or thought could come back. Well with brother beers new holy ghost powers, he picked up a slip of a random less active and tried calling the number that didnt work on many others. It went through. We got an appointment with him and we have visited about three times. We feel that he has just been away from heavenly father so long that he kind of gave up. He has no hard feelings towards the church or others. He is just far from God. I received a letter from mama Schoemig and something she said that stuck out to me was “Stay close to the Lord.” I think this is what this less active needs and its something we should always remember as we go throughout our lives. 
We hope that through the spirit we will be able to help him come back home. I Love you and hope we all stay close to the Lord.
Elder Harley
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