April 29, 2013

Dear mother and family,
It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation mother and that you are kind of wishing dad did stay at ucla so you could move there. Well I guess you will just have to live with Utah.
This last week was kind of hard here. We have been working hard to get things back up. We started out fresh here and its taking some time to build it back up. But I did receive some huge blessings. This last week Elder Watts called and reported on how lopburi is going. Both brother Moe and brother poo got baptized! I am so happy and am so thankful that I had a part in their conversion. Brother poos family is also starting to progress. I have hope that one day they will be a happy family in the gospel. I am having alot of good things happening in Nong khai. We are working really hard with the members right now and trying to find new investigators. I am very busy with training and its fun being with a fresh greenie. We are having a good time together. My district is wonderful. Its just the 4 of us out here. One of the elders reminds me exactly of kale, (but dont tell kale cause he will get a little offended.)
I am working really hard in trying to trust in the Lord and accepting his timing. I am also working to keep my mind focused on the work and not letting myself get distracted by the things of this world. They have there place but not at this time in my life. I love you and pray for your success.
Elder Harley
PS. Ill let you know more about mothers day next week. I cant believe that its already time to talk again.
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