April 18, 2013

Dear Family,

The baby boom hit Thailand and I am now the proud father of one Elder Mageno. He is one of the 36 new missionaries that came into thailand this last transfer. I didnt find out I was training until 1015 the night before transfers so it was pretty nuts getting there. but we did and my world got flipped over again. I thought I had things pretty figured out. And the Lord said ” give him a challenge” So he sent me to the far land of Nong khai in the North East side of Thailand to white wash. For those of you who dont know what that is, white washing basically means that the area is kind of struggling so they take out the Elders and start fresh again. He also called me to district leader here as well. Nong Khai is right on the border of Laos, in fact I can see Laos from my house. The river between thailand and laos is about 20 meters from our house. This last week was songran again. Its wierd cause I was in this very same position last year, except I was the one being trained. It was crazy once again. The entire country was drenched in water.
But on the work side of things, we came to the area to find not much left for us, so we are starting from scratch. The Lord wants to test us and we are ready to fight. All we can really do is pray a lot because we dont know much else, but we but have faith that great things will happen in this area. I love you all and send my best wishes to amy and the rest of the big family. I am greatful for all of you and hope for your success.
Elder harley
PS- the package was wonderful. No my pday didnt change.
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