April 1, 2013

Dear Family,

Happy birthday dad. I hope you arent offended that I honestly dont remember how old you are. I am having a wonderful april fools. a member called us this morning and frantically told us. “Elders I dont know what is is but there are tons of people at the church right now. I think its a couple of families. You should go see whats up.” Elder Watts almost fell for it, but she wasnt used to april fools, so she caved and told us she lied. No they dont have april fools day here and I didnt know it was easter until yesterday at church a white guy from hawaii stood up to bear his testimony and mentioned it was easter. But we did have a good lesson about easter in sunday school so it was all good.
This week had a lot of ups and some downs too. This week was zone conference and we learned about using our time wisely and about the small and simple things. It had an effect on me and I have things I can change. We stayed in Don muang again so I got to see my old branch president. I love him alot. The bad part was that we didnt get out of there until about 5 and we tried to get a train that went up to loburi at 7, but when we got there we found  out it didnt leave till 8 so we had to wait at the train station in bangkok for an hour. I talked to this old man who said there was no way he could quit drugs, and I told him that he could through Jesus. He didnt believe me. We finally got onto the hot muggy train and didnt get back until 1130 that night. Luckily a member was nice enough to come and get us from the station. We were so tired the next day, but we pushed it and we did what we could. Brother poo could not meet this last week because his uncle died and he left for the week. We got a few new investigators that we are excited about. This next week looks pretty full and we are excited to hit the pavement once again.
This last sunday was another good sunday. Not because we got lots of investigators to church, cause we only got one. But because I saw brother gan blessing the sacrament for the first time and sister da bearing her testimony and teaching others about the savior. It was a good feeling and I am so greatful that they are strong. They tell us almost everytime we see them that they just want to serve the Lord for the rest of their lives. They want to see this branch become a ward and want to sacrifice to make it happen. They are such good examples to me and they will be a strong force for this branch as well.
Well other than that we went to a wedding of this random guy that has a store next to the church. He picked us up one day and after that he invited us to his wedding. We went hoping that we would leave a feeling of exquisite wonder in his soul, and because they serve 7 courses of food. I hope that I can prepare myself to be a worthy husband some day. I love You all and am great full for all you do. Tell kayla and ashton to email me. and by the way, the rule about emailing friends is legitimate. Our mission president told us this last week that it is now good.
Elder Harley
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