March 25, 2013


Dear Family of mine,

You all sound wonderful. I do miss dads biscuits a little but Ill get over it. I realized to day I have 10 months left. Its going to fly by I already know it. I cant believe all of the things Ive done the people I have met and the things I still have to do. If Jake is getting a little home sick, tell him that if he works hard, there will be a time when he doesnt want to come home. The air is very much humid right now and its getting to the time of year when I just feel like a damp rag all day long. I getting quite used to it though. We went and saw the monkeys again today and this big fat one stole Elder Watts backback. He didnt know what  to do and everytime he grabbed for it, the monkey tried to bite him. I was laughing my head off. We got them to climb all over us today. Elder Watts almost got bit about 4 times. It was a good time. We also both got nice asian haircuts again.
This last week was wonderful. It was hard work. We find that we have no time to just sit and rest. With investigators, English and members, our time is gone. Brother poo is doing really good. He finally brought his family with him! He has a daughter that is 14 and a daughter that is 6 and a wife. He surprised us so we didnt know what to teach so we went in the back and prayed. We came out with the spirit and it stayed the rest of the lesson. Elder Watts received revelation to teach from alma 32 in the middle of the lesson and poo loved it. It fit perfectly with what his family needed. His faith is growing and He is getting close to baptism. I have hope for his family. This last week we were lead by the spirit almost everyday to something new. I have come to realize that on the days when everything falls though, and we dont really know what to do, are the days that we can use our faith and work miracles. Just like Peter as he was about to jump out of the boat and walk to the savior, he didnt receive a witness until after he jumped, not before. We saw this as a less active appointment fell through and so we were left to fend for ourselves. We were going to go with da and gan, so we headed over to the church and they ended up having a friend. We went and introduced ourselves and set up an appointment. We taught him on saturday and so far we know that he is looking for the truth and hasnt yet found it… he came to the right place. It was a good week.
I am happy and healthy and ready for another week in Thailand.
Elder Harley
By the way the thai language might be a little like indian. It comes from arabic and cambodian. Its closest to Lao and Cambodian. I can kind of read lao but I cant read cambodian.

Ok sounds good about the job. thanks

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