March 18, 2013

Dear my family,

This last week was transfers and I stayed, but Elder Cox got booted out of Lopburi to the international ward in downtown bangkok. My new companion is Elder Watts. He is from Illinois. He Is older than me in years but I am older than him in the mish. He went to college a couple years before he left. We are alot a like and I am excited to work with him. This transfer is going to go by really fast. Its only a 4 week transfer because we have to adjust for the MTC. Its only a 9 week program now. To answer your question, 35 plus new missionaries are coming in 4 weeks. It will be an interesting change of pace. As I have been on my mission, change is becoming the only constant. I am learning to just accept change and go with the flow. I cant do much about it, the only thing I can do is take it and go.
This last week was busy as ever. We are teaching English teaching investigators teaching recent converts and teaching less actives. Its alot of teaching but its lots of fun. It feels good to be busy all the time. Poo and moe are doing really good. We had a really good lesson with poo this last week. We had a plan to review the restoration but as we kept talking about his reading we gave him in 2 nephi 9. He started asking some really good questions like ” what if we follow the gospel, but we dont get baptized?” and “Why do we have to get baptized?” We were able to open up the scriptures and teach him about the importance. After the lesson he come up to us and said ” you dont have to worry, I am not going to change because you are forcing me. I want to know what is right.” He wants to find the right path in life. He already found it, but he just needs to realize it. He came to church and is understanding more and more. Moe is doing good. He is already going to seminary and he went to the district priesthood meeting yesterday in bangkok as well. Even though he is a crazy teenager, he wants to change his life and know the truth.
Everything is good in Thailand. I hope to hear from the kids soon. I Love you all and hope you are happy.
Elder Harley
PS- let me know about Taylor and have you talked with jake schealer about alaska? I am not in a rush but whenever you talk to him see what is up. I just want to start seeing my options.
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