March 7, 2013


Dear Family,

This last week was another wonderful week. The picture was a branch picture after church. We are outside of the church building. It was one of the members that sent it to you. Its good to hear about everyone. I have less and less time in Thailand every week that I send you a letter. I am enjoying it a lot. The heat is starting to start up again and its going to be a hot one.
We are still teaching English all the time it seems like. I am enjoying teaching now. I have bonded with my thai soldiers. We are teaching one named brother poo and he is doing really well. He came to church yesterday and the subject of Tithing came up, so afterwards he had lots of questions about it. So we committed him to pay tithing and he agreed. Great things can happen when we boldly stand for the truth, trusting in the power of the spirit. Its interesting that you studied about the knowledge of us being sons and daughters of a heavenly father. This last sunday we had a great lesson about how God once was what we are now. We have a father in heaven who has been in our shoes before and has gone through what we are going through. He desires that we receive what he has and have the happiness that He has, but we must follow his plan, not the worlds plan, in order to get it. I learned alot, and brother poo learned alot as well. Brother gan also got baptized this last week and confirmed! His testimony at the service went something like, ” I am going to keep the commandments and serve the lord until I die.” He has such a strong desire to serve the Lord. He is already excited to receive the priesthood next week. Thats cool that Micah is keeping a pet frog. Last week we got sis da and bro gan to go to a family home evening. She made fried frog and frog curry for us. Its not to bad except they are really small so you have to watch out for the small little bones. We also started teaching a new investigator named moe. He is 17 and wants to learn more about Christ. He seems like he has lots of desire and he is already making friendships with the members, so we will see what happens. I love you all and hope that you are having a wonderful time in cold utah.
Elder Harley
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