March 4, 2013

Dear family,

Its actually quite chilly today. It rained for the last couple days and the temperature plummeted to around 75 degrees. Dont worry I still dont have to get out my long sleeve quite yet. Its good to here that everyone is happy and healthy. I am glad you met mike. I really like that kid. You wondered about my health, its been quite fantastic. I have only been sick that once at the beginning. Since then I havent had any problems. I am down to my last 5 pills of the first multi-vitamin bottle. They seemed to have done their job. I am glad to hear about taylor. Tell him to send my a letter before he leaves to inform me of all the things he has been doing. When I did the mission thing I slept at the hunts, but I taught the atkinsons.
This last week was another busy week. We barely have time to eat some days. We are teaching english all the time it seems. This last week for our spiritual thought we taught all the soldiers to sing I am a child of God. Seeing 30 middle aged soldiers singing I am a Child of God is quite the sight to see. We have 1 baptismal dater from it. His name is poo. He actually doesnt go to the english class any more cause he is too good at english. He wants to change his life, So I hope that he will trust the savior to do it for him. sister das husband is doing really well. The gospel is changing both of them drastically for the better. They have so much more hope in life and so excited for the future. He will be interviewed this next week. It was another wonderful week in FreeLand. I hope you never take for granted the freedoms and opportunities that you all have because there are those out there with out them. I have seen them.
Elder Harley
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