February 25, 2013

Dear Family,

What a week it has been. I heard about them creating 58 new missions from the executive missionary directer Elder Evans himself. He and Elder Gong of the 70 came and spoke to use this last week in down town bangkok. He praised the faith of the new missionaries. He said that they have plans to hold the weekly devotionals in the marriot center this summer because of the big “storm” that is going to hit. Its a great time to be a missionary. The Lord is hastening his work. It sounds like a winter wonderland at home, here we just got through the hot season about the enter the hotter season. I am glad that eva is enjoying snowboarding. It is the greatest sport out there.  We also went to the annual king narai fair here in lopburi this last week with sister da and a lot of members it was beautiful we suited up in thai dress, and still had missionary attire. it was so fun.
This Last week was testimony builder. I witnessed the hand of the Lord come down as I witnessed the baptisms of 2 people. Brother duun who is 17 and was able to clean up his past. He had it bad before he realized that the savior is always there to change our lives and change our hearts. I read a talk by Elder Eyring this last week on repentance. He said that the translation in Greek means ” to have a new mind” as we repent it is not just confessing, but forsaking. We must change direction. The other one was the miracle; sister da was baptized after only 2 weeks. What started out as buying tape has turned into a miracle. She is the most prepared person that I have ever met and she is determined to serve the Lord till the end. By small and simple things, Great things really are brought to pass. She is already excited to go to the temple. Her husband will be ready to be baptized in the coming weeks as well. I am so happy for them and cant wait to see their progression.
This last week we also taught english to soldiers. They wanted to do something other than the lesson so we had them all make advertisement skits. It was so funny. They could advertise whatever they wanted. One group advertised someones glasses and said that they have special powers. He said, “When you were these glasses, It make my fat wife… SKINNY! You must buy” It was so funny.
Well I hope every one continues to be happy. Tell the kids to write me letters so I know what is happening with from their own mouths, not that yours is bad mom.
You stay classy family,
Elder Harley
PS- The info about BYU was really helpful. I havent made the decision about what I am going to do yet. Can you also ask Jake schealer about Alaska as well. I just want to see what I would need to do if I did decide to work there. For easter it would be nice to get some more socks- mine are nice a holy. but dont get wool. I dont enjoy the wool. I kind of want some healthy stuff to. I cant really remember what I liked but something that is not junk. I can get all the junk I want here. Thanks mom
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