February 18, 2013

Mission Photo


It is nice to hear about all of the adventures back home. I hope that you can enjoy some of the adventures that I am having in still sunny thailand. I cant wait to see the kids play basketball next year. Sounds like the snow isnt too great this year so I think I can hold out.
Well this last week was one of the busiest weeks of my mission. Monday was a relaxing one but then it hit tuesday starting with district meeting hosted by the zone leaders. It was sort of a specialized training for the zone about faith. We have one of the most Christlike zone leaders, Elder Meteos. He taught us all about becoming more like the savior in order to experience success. If we all become like the savior, we will talk to more people, we will trust in the Lord more fully and we will accomplish what the Savior would accomplish. It boosted my confidence in the savior and caused me to desire to be more like the savior in all that I do. We then hurried back to lopuri from auttaya and started our engish program with soldiers. Let me explain. In 2 years a new trade law is coming out called ASEAN. It will enable all the countries is south east Asia to have a more open trade system throughout the region. The main language will be english so there is a big push to learn English. Whats better than 2 white people who teach for free? So we are teaching every day tues- fri for 2 hours a day with about 50 soldiers. Its alot of work but its really fun. We have a few potential investigators that might come from it as well. This takes alot of time, plus we have alot of investigators we are teaching, Like sister da and her husband. We saw her every single day this last week, we taught 4 times and we have already taught everything. She is absolutely golden. She is almost done with 2 Nephi and wants to be about half done before her baptism. She is such a special person. She is this cute little old lady who loves learning about truth- and she finally found it. I am so excited for her. Her husband was not able to meet for a couple of the days so he might take another week, but he is ready as ever to get baptized, his name is gidjagan. One of the lessons that really stuck out to me this past week was when we taught about the Gospel of Christ. We shared the story in Matthew when a man named Jesus calls 4 fisher men to leave every thing that they had and follow a pretty much unknown prophet. I thought about there situation and about the sacrifice. Fishing probably allowed them to have pretty good lives, and when the savior came to them, it was at a time in his ministry before he had gained the fame that he would later recieve. Think about the step of Faith that these soon to be apostles had to take… They didnt even think, they just left there nets and followed. This is true faith and real repentence, when our belief leads us to drop what we hold on to in this life, and follow the saviors path instead, not really knowing what is coming next. Elder Cox always quotes Joseph Smith when he said ” A religion that does not require the sacrifice of everything does not have the necessary Faith to sustain it.” How true that is. Her response to the lesson in her own words was that she was “ready to take upon the cross of the savior and bear the burdens with others” She has so much faith and Loves God and is ready to serve him. She will get interviewed later this week.
We also finished teaching brother duun number two and he wants to be a representative of Jesus Christ. We taught about the stripling warriors because he is training to be a soldier and he told us which side he wanted to fight for- the side that will always win, which is the Lords. He is going to be interviewed this week as well.
I am learning so much everyday and I am enjoying learning so much. My testimony in patiently waiting for the lords blessings and faithfully pressing forward is strengthening everyday. I love you all and pray for you.
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