February 11, 2013

Well its not valentines yet and thailand doesnt know what that is but happy valentines anyways. It sounds like everyone is growing up even more. I am excited about Kaylas success at basketball and Evas success at snowboarding. It sounds like listening to the Book of Mormon is teaching you alot. I am learning so much about the scriptures. I feel that before my mission that I believed the scriptures, but like alma, ” They had not yet entered into my heart.” I am seeing as I read them with real intent and with sincerity, the light of understanding comes, and they begin to enter into my heart. If Kayla is thinking about a mission I would like to extend a challenge: Read the book of Mormon. Read it to know that it is the word of god and then pray about it. It is something we hear everyday but as I have been a missionary, I have realized how essential a testimony of the Book of Mormon is. It is the thing that separates us from the rest of the world. It is the one book that can change peoples hearts, but before we try to change other peoples hearts, we must change our own. I know that if you read the book of mormon, and try to understand it, a feeling of exquisite wonder will come shortly after.

Yesterday was another powerful testimony builder day. On Saturday we were committed by our leaders to reach our baptismal goals. At that point we only had one investigator that will make it. His name is duun (again) he is 17 and is the grandson of a recent convert. He is progressing and has a date for later this month. But that was only 1  we set a goal for 2. We committed to do everything in our power to make it happen. We fasted and prayed that day. The next morning, the less active family that we have been working with, brother Nai and sister Nuu came in. A few minutes before sacrament started, sister da who I met while we were at tesco buying tape, came in with her husband. They enjoyed church and then after we asked if we could sit down with them. They know the less active family and they came in and sat in on the lesson, which will help them on their journey back. They have been prepared by the the Lord. They have had experiences that have lead them to our door. I didnt give the baptismal commitment, they asked to be baptized before I could get it out. I was prompted to give them a date in 2 weeks and they accepted with no hesitation. We then talked about the role of the the Book of Mormon in their conversion. They are from the hope church so they believe in Christ, but like I said, the Book of Mormon is what separates us from the rest of the world. I was able to share with them my personal testimony of the Book of Mormon, which is something that I could not have done with out actually reading it.

Elder Cox and I dont know how to prepare someone for baptism in 2 weeks, but we know the Lord can and he has brought us this far so I cant help but feel confident in Him. If they dont get baptized on that date, than at least we can tell the Lord that we boldy proclaimed the truth.

I will continue to pray for you as you have done for me.


Elder Harley

PS- Can you let me know about BYU. Thank you.

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