January 28th, 2013

Dear Family,
Wow its been a year. I am going through what you might call a mid life crisis. NA Im just kidding. I am amazed at what has happened and what I have learned and how I have grown in the last year. I have done more than I have done in the 19 years before. I hope to get off the plane in a year saying “I have done every thing that I could” thats my vision. so my goal is to work everyday like its my last, obedience, patience and happiness in the lords service. It sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time at home. Its crazy that Jake is in the exact same place that I was exactly a year ago. It seems like it was yesterday.
This week has been a tester, like most weeks. We were canceled on over and over this last week and it just seems that no one will stick. But one thing that we are really emphasizing is following the spirit. That was what our zone training was on. I will tell you a little about that day because it was a memorable day. We stayed in don muang, my old area the night before. So in the morning the branch president there called and asked if I would go see brother duun. His wife is doing really well but he is having some trials. So we went over and he wouldnt wake up so we went to the extreme- breaking and entering. It was very neccessary. We got him up and reminded him of the faith that he showed at the time of his conversion. The spirit was strong as we helped him see that he could do it. Later at zone training we did an excersize where we went out and talk people on the street, focusing on following the spirit. I had the privilage of going out with the one that I sat next to the first day exactly 1 year before; Elder Davies. We got to go out and teach together after all that we have learned. It was a cool moment. The entire day was quite a memorable one and we are going to work on following the spirit even more. Which we are realizing doesnt manafest itself untill after the trial of our faith.
Send my congrats to the jaker.

Elder Harley

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