January 20, 2013

Dear Family,

The weeks are just going by much to fast. I cant keep track of the time. I hit my year mark this next week which just scares me. I realize that it is probably really cold there, but its the opposite here. Its blazing hot. And there is no such thing as a miserable ski day. I will keep looking out for some table cloths.
This past week we saw a little sparkle of hope come up. It all started with my switch off with the only Elder Pearsons. I am convinced that all switch offs bring miracles. From duun to brother day, switch offs just mean good things are going to happen. Our day didnt seem to impressive, but we went out ready. We taught some one that we met while displaying our booth the other week. We felt impressed to just teach about the need for baptism in 3 nephi 11 and then we gave him the baptismal commitment. He accepted just like that. We havent met him since, so we we will see what happens, but it was a miracle none the less. We then had a less active named miguel (He looks like jack sparrow. He says thats what he is going for.) take us around and visit some members and then teach some one we met while eating a few weeks ago. It was a good lesson and we taught the whole restoration. She understood really well cause she is a retired lawyer, but she wont seem to accept it yet. I hope we can teach her more about the role of the savior in her life. It was a good switch off.
Then later in the week we taught a referal that we got from a recent convert after we taught her about sharing the gospel. It was a perfect first lesson. We were able to find out that she wants to be free from sin and so we were able to talk about the gospel of christ in alma 7. After that the members took it from there and set perfect expectations; telling her what she needs to do to increase her faith and understand more; meet with the missionaries multiple times a week, read pray and go to chruch. We barely had to say anything because the members were able to bare testimony. Things are looking up and I have hope that things are going to get even better.

Elder Harley

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