January 13, 2013


You all sound wonderful. I can see dad now- just loving his new role as coach for the harley team. What a great dad. It sounds like life is really good right now and every one is doing great. That is really cool to hear about meredith and her mission call- the exact opposite of thailand. It is still hot as ever here. Actually tonight was really quite nice. Speaking of today, it was a wonderful pday. We went with a bunch of members to hike this mountain (more like a hill) that had a temple at the very top. It was all stairs all the way up with a metal rod. It was super steep but when we got to the top, we could see everything. They are building a giant budha at the bottom and have a temple with monkeys at the top. It was so fun. Then we brought sacks to the top and slid down the metal railing on the way down. We then did missionary work in the afternoon, going street contacting and finding some members. It is one of the most heart breaking feelings to talk to someone that really needs the gospel and they know that they want it, but are not willing to act upon it. I had one of those experiences today as I contacted and talked with a middle aged father. He talked about his mother who past away and he  cared about her so much that he couldnt give up budhism. I explained that the power to do ordinances for the dead have now been restored, but he was not willing to make time. He wanted it, but wasnt willing to act on the feeling. After we worked we went to this big lake with lots of huge cliffed mountains. We went at night because at a certain time, millions of bats come flying out of there day time homes into the night sky. It was wonderful, and I got peed on by a bat. We went and ate really good thai food after and elder cox shared about christ being the bread of life- those who partake shall never hunger. That brings us to now.
In the last week we have had alot of successes- especially with recent converts and less actives, and alot of disappointments. You are very right mother, it is those times that we find out the most about ourselves and about how we can rely in god more. We are given the opportunities to test our patiences, our faith, our hope and our charity towards others. It was yet another learning week. I pray that good things will happen.
Keep working hard- keep going 100 percent because it goes by a lot faster than you think. I hope you have fun with b ball, I am excited to hear what happens.
Love Elder Harley

ps- what is jakes cousins name.

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